Working with Hydraulic Filtration

Parker Hydraulic filtration provides high quality filtration products, support and opportunities; Parker is helping you to meet the needs of end-users, and opening doors to profitable new business. This page introduces you to the package of Hydraulic filtration product solutions.


Parker Kittiwake condition monitoring products have been used by the marine industry for over 25 years.

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Total System Health Management

Filtration takes place in some of the world’s most challenging and inaccessible environments, our products are used in different markets such as Forestry, Mining, Marine and renewable energy. Safety and environmental awareness is of great importance. We offer Total System Health Management with prevention, treatment and diagnosis products.

Shut-downs can be costly, Parker Hydraulic Filtration technology provides the information and analysis that enables effective preventative maintenance and profitable, uninterrupted production. Parker hydraulic filtration products contribute to a more sustainable world due to the possibility to choose products that prevent shut down and prolong the lifetime of products.

Sustainability starts with you!

In these challenging markets staying ahead of the competition by using a proactive approach to maintenance is key. With issues such as extreme conditions, inspection challenges and workforce safety, on-line sensor and on-site testing technology provide an assured method of protecting assets and profits.

Selecting the correct filtration solution is vital to preserving the desired performance of your system. Preventing component deterioration or even failure depends on the initial quality of your filtration solution.

Parker is your single-source supplier for managing your TOTAL SYSTEM HEALTH. 


This is Prevention! Hydraulic filtration product solutions prevent costly maintenance and downtime wherever you are in the world.

Total system health management with prevention, the industrial world is built on tough, hard-working plant and machinery in the markets such as power generation, forestry, mining and construction equipment down-time is the enemy of profitability. Where ever you are Hydraulic filtration product solutions drive cost-effective maintenance and maximum output.

The most up to date technology in filtration technology.
• Range of Low, Medium and High pressure filters with patented iprotect elements
• Reliable, continuous quality of filtration.
• Safety first; “Foolproof design”.

What is Parker patented protection?
The Patented protection is developed to secure the aftermarket business and maximize up-time by using replacement elements.

Benefits for Parker partner
• Increase aftermarket share up to 95%
• Capture additional business
• Become a service and solution provider
• Increased turnover and profitability

Benefits for end-user
• Guaranteed quality of filtration
• Maximum performance
• Extended service interval


This is Treatment! With Parker's global network and a long-term commitment to R&D excellence, our solutions provide you with the confidence to invest in the very best systems and products in your industry.

Total System Health with treatment, as filtration technology specialist, Parker Hydraulic Filtration delivers the most advanced, reliable and cost-effective treatment solutions for across fleets, capital equipment and machinery.

Clean, cool and dry systems contribute to increased production throughput as well as machine reliability and longer fluid life. Treatment products can extend the life of your fluid beyond routine drain and change intervals as well as dramatically reduce waste and cost.

• Expert treatment solutions for demanding applications.
• Easy to use, state-of-the-art systems, providing information, insight, and analysis for oil and fuel condition, continuous emissions monitoring.
• Reducing the time and cost of maintenance, minimizing unplanned stoppages, and ensuring efficient performance over the equipment lifetime.


This is Diagnosis! When you’re working in tough, competitive environments, you need equipment you can trust, 100% of the time. World leading filtration from Parker Filtration enables you to operate with maximum efficiency and total confidence.

Total system health at sea, off-shore or on land. Left undetected, contamination leads to serious equipment degradation and failure. Covering marine, oil and gas, and industrial applications, Parker filtration systems provide critical insight into the health of engines and machinery - identifying the smallest changes, and triggering intervention before minor issues develop into expensive problems.

With accurate information about oil and fuel, gas emissions and acoustic emissions, you can enjoy optimum performance, streamlined maintenance, improved reliability and extended operational lifetime. Altogether, it means less down-time, reduced cost and increased profitability. 


Combining sensors and diagnostic tools with circuit filtration and off-line systems, machine operators receive real-time insight into changing system health. Fact based decisions are then made which improve up-time and minimize negative results to the bottom line.


This is Total System Health Management with Support! We have created a world of on-line support services and tools that enable our customers to share our knowledge and expertise. It’s an Intelligence-driven approach to foster opportunity and growth.

Ask your Parker representative about our support tools! 


Develop your industry knowledge and learn about our products, technologies, and environmental initiatives, using our bespoke online training platform available in 5 languages English, Spanish, French Russian and German.

Filter selector

The Parker Filtration Filter Selector helps you to find and select Parker Hydraulic and lubrication filter products on and off-line with a step by step selection system. Besides the selection of filters, product literature and filter converters are also available.

Par Fit Toolkit

Par Fit Toolkit makes identifying and ordering replacement interchange elements faster and easier. Combining three programs in one, you can search by part number, application or visual reference. Download the Par Fit Toolkit and make your search for a replacement element easier in the future. Available in multiple languages.

Par Fit Widget

The Par Fit widget is a responsive application that can be integrated in to any website, at any size, by simply copying and pasting the required code. Available in English, Russian, German, Spanish and many other languages, the widget allows you to find your Par Fit replacement element in seconds.


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