Fluid Control Division - Europe

Fluid Control Division - Europe - Heating Systems

Heating Systems

Construction of oil or gas heating systems for domestic, industrial or embedded use.

Control of the supply of light or heavy domestic oil for medium and high power boilers, management of pressurized transfer of combustible fluids at ambient or higher temperatures, safety supply shut-off.

• Valves qualified according to safety shut-off standards prevent all risk of overflow in the event of the extinction or absence of flame.
• Range of solenoid valves compatible for use with various fuels (light, heavy, domestic oil) and over wide fluid temperature ranges.
• Technical expertise and recognized reliability acknowledged for many years by the major market players.

Products solutions
• 2-way solenoid valves with 1/8" to 1/2" port connections or flange mounted.
• Safety solenoid valves for controlling the supply of diesel oil in the injection line and closing the circuit between storage tank and burner.
• Various sealing techniques satisfying the most stringent technical requirements (ruby, FKM).
• DIN CERTCO certification, according to standards ISO 23553-1 and EN161.