Podcast: Hydrogen blueprinting insights

Evolving from fossil fuels to hydrogen? Then you'll want to hear about Parker's product blueprinting discussions with customers. Topics include product qualifying, standards harmonization and the complexities of dealing with cryogenic H2

Emissions reduction technologies by Parker

Reducing emissions is a challenge for many businesses worldwide, in moves to comply with targets and deadlines for cleaner, greener communities. If you need to explore new options, Parker can support with varied technologies - including hydrogen, electrification and natural gas.

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Motion Control Technologies for a Better Tomorrow

For more than 100 years, Parker has enabled advances in manufacturing, travel and almost every type of human-made machine that moves. From driving trucks to flying in aeroplanes - our technologies support almost every aspect of everyday life, including:

• Reducing emissions
• Improving air quality
• Supporting safe work methods and innovations.

Emissions reduction - featured products

Leak-free technologies - featured products

Featured Industries

Oil and gas companies operate in tough conditions. Parker helps industry customers to keep personnel safe, maximize profitability and enhance productivity. We can also help you to tackle industry priorities such as managing corrosion or pursuing digitalization.

Industrial manufacturing applications demand precision and reliability. Parker's hydraulic, pneumatic and electro-mechanical solutions can help address key engineering challenges - from machine safety, to network connectivity and increasing efficiency.

Heavy-duty truck and bus, rail, marine and automotive customers are all keen to steer their businesses to a greener future. Parker's specialist team can help tackle a range of transport challenges - from increasing power, to creating more sustainable options.

Forestry, construction, agriculture and mining and forestry all depend heavily on off-road machinery. From diesel machines to hybrids and electrification, Parker can help you work safely and increase productivity - even in harsh conditions.


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