Automotive and Heavy Duty

rom initial concept to production, STA Div’s engineering teams support many of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and is ready to support the customers in quickly adapting to the megatrends of the industry.

Our Industries

In our world-class facilities, skilled Parker Sealing Technologies Asia (STA) engineers manufacture molded parts and O-rings to exacting standards, closely monitoring each step of the process through a Controlled Batch Identification (CBI) program. Our products play an important role in the safe and reliable operation of critical equipment in hospitals, laboratories and in everything from semiconductor processing fabs to automotive, precision engineering and food & beverages.

The automotive and heavy duty industries are transitioning into a new era of rapid technology innovations. The team of Application Engineers at STA Div is available to provide design assistance and partner with the OEMs to develop materials that meet specifications. Our sealing solutions are designed to maximize service life, minimize overall cost of ownership and achieve optimal operational efficiency.
Parker Sealing Technologies Asia Div, the leader in cutting edge elastomer technology, has been manufacturing FKM, FFKM based and custom formulated materials for elastomeric component since the 90s, serving many satisfying customers worldwide in the field of avionics, medical electronics, data storage, semiconductor and many others.
Parker Sealing Technologies Asia Div develops a wide range of specialty elastomers to satisfy the unique materials and functional parts and products compliant to FDA and USP Class VI standards.
Customized functional elastomeric parts are design for general industrial application meeting the most demanding specifications. Standard seals such as Press-in-Place Seal, Controlled Compression Carrier Gasket, Piston seal, Molded Lip Seals and Drop-in-place Seals are molded to provide solutions for different sealing needs thus fulling the stringent demand of specific environment requirements.


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