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Engine Mobile Original Equipment Division - Solutions

Engine Filtration

Manufacturing Excellence

Racor has built a strong reputation as an innovative, technology-driven company. We are committed to manufacturing excellence by developing value-added filter media, materials, and system configurations to meet customer needs.

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Custom Solutions and Integration

Developing For The OEM

As the leader in global filtration solutions to engine developers and manufacturers, we provide custom solutions for our customers needs. In collaborative efforts with the OEM, our engineers listen to and work from you the customers ideas and specifications. They strive to meet requirements and try to anticipate needs based on future projections.     

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Alternative and Bio-fuels

The Leader in Bio-diesel Filtration

With the development of Bio and Alternative Fuels the need to filter and separate water has become a prime concern to engine developers the world over. Racor has led the charge in fuel filtration for the Bio-diesel market.

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Environmentally Conscious

Crankcase Ventilation Technology

The Racor Super Impactor Closed Crankcase Ventilation system provides a positive impact on the environment by eliminating oil mist from crankcase emissions. (All engines have blow by gas that passes from the combustion process into the engine case mixing with the lube oil, which are then forced out of the engine through the breather system).

The Racor Super Impactor CCV system works by controlling the crank case pressure, separating the oil and returning it to the sump, further details can be seen in the Super Impactor brochure.   

Environmental Sustainability

Safeguarding the Global Environment 

At Parker Racor Filter Division we understand the need to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We also recognise our responsibility to do all that we can to protect our environment.

We appreciate the importance of safeguarding natural resources and the global environment. Parker Racor Dewsbury is proud to have achieved Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001 – with a key element of the standard being to regularly monitor and consider the environmental aspects of our products, processes and equipment.


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