Reliable solutions for demanding applications

From agricultural machinery to fire rescue breathing air apparatus, to construction equipment, and subsea couplings for oil and gas production, Parker's quick connect coupling solutions are as common or unique as the application requirements.

QuickFit™ Oil Change System

Faster, Cleaner, Safer: Parker's QuickFit Oil Change System is unlike anything else available. It radically transforms oil changes with a faster, cleaner and safer approach. The QuickFit System eliminates oil spills and greatly reduces safety hazards. A single connection point simplifies the oil change process, combining ease of use with comprehensive functionality. Increase the efficiency of your service team by using one 3 Step oil change process across different types of engines and machinery.

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QuickFit Oil Change System - Faster, Cleaner, Safer 

Parker SensoNODE™ Sensors & Voice of the Machine™

Advanced Condition Monitoring: Condition monitoring utilizes various process parameters such as temperature, pressure, humidity, current, vibration and flow to monitor performance. Voice of the Machine software and wireless SensoNODE Sensors create an advanced condition monitoring solution that delivers vital measurement data and analytics to help drive optimal tactical, operational, and strategic decisions, leading to maximum uptime. Over time, these indicators of system and equipment health will become more predictable, reducing unscheduled downtime and increasing product integrity.

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Parker SensoNODE Sensors and Voice of the Machine Mobile Software

Heavy Duty Screw to Connect Couplings

Connect Under Pressure: Heavy duty screw-to-connect quick couplings are built to withstand the demanding requirements of applications where hydraulic lines are subjected to the stress of high-pressure impulses. The ability to connect and disconnect fluid lines while under pressure allows equipment operators to switch-out tool attachments without first having to spend time bleeding pressure off the system. Parker’s FET and 59 Series high pressure screw to connect hydraulic couplings have flush face valves that are designed for non-spill operation, virtually eliminating fluid loss at disconnection and featuring low air inclusion at connection. Air inclusion in a hydraulic system causes diminished performance and increased wear of system components. The non-spill valves guard against damaging pressure checking from trapped air in the lines.

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Connect Under Pressure with Heavy Duty Screw to Connect Couplings

Non-Spill Couplings

Flush face valving delivering dripless connections and disconnections: Parker’s non-spill couplings significantly reduces spillage upon disconnection. With a wide range of couplings solutions to fit versatile fluid applications, Parker’s non-spill couplings include the FEM Series, FET Series and 59 Series. All provide minimal fluid loss and air inclusion. The FEM Series satisfies the design and performance requirements set forth by the ISO 16028 International Standards for quick coupling interchangeability. Parker's FET Series is comparable with similar high-pressure thread-to-connect couplings by other manufacturers. Ideal for use in high impulse applications with multiple high-pressure hydraulic lines, the 59 Series ensures consistent connections and disconnections under residual pressure..

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Subsea Quick Couplings

Reliable, High Performance Connections: Parker subsea couplings are engineered for reliable performance under the most demanding conditions. Parker is committed to the continued development of OEM qualified and DNV witnessed subsea connection products and systems to support oil and gas production at higher pressures and greater depths. Our global presence allows us to work with OEMs anywhere in the world as a development partner in designing and engineering new, innovative solutions to solve problems. We are at our best when we are helping you solve a problem.

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Parker Subsea Quick Couplings

Fire Rescue Quick Couplings

Setting the Industry Standard for Interchangeable Couplings: In 2018, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) selected a Parker quick coupling design to adopt as the industry standard for manufacturers to follow for designing and building interchangeable couplings. A universally standard coupling compatible across all new and existing SCBA gear ensures firefighters will not have to remove their facepiece during an air supply malfunction or failure. Plus, fire departments and personnel can become thoroughly familiar with one standardized system and how it works. This ensures connectability of all buddy breather air couplings that may need to be connected or disconnected in the event of an emergency.

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Fire Rescue Quick Couplings from Parker Hannifin

Multi-Couplings for OEM's

Quick and Efficient Connections/Disconnections for Multiple Fluid Lines: Multi-Couplings provide the ability to quickly and efficiently connect or disconnect multiple fluid lines simultaneously. Parker's Multi-Couplings are uniquely designed and produced to meet the exact needs of our OEM partners. Our engineering team works with you to enhance your equipment functionality and bring value to your end customer. With our comprehensive testing and leading manufacturing capabilities, we ensure that a consistently reliable product is delivered. Simplify connections and save time with Parker's Multi-Couplings.

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Multi-Couplings for OEM's from Parker


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