From the laboratory and operating room to home health care, our complete portfolio of miniature pumps, valves, pressure controllers, and mass flow meters and controllers enables technologies that improve lives.


We've built on our experience as the inventors of the VSO valve over 25 years ago and developed an innovative portfolio of pumps, valves, pressure controllers and mass flow controllers to fit your fluidic project needs in Analytical Chemistry.
Analytical Chemistry
With over 30 years experience in the development of pumps and valves for Clinical Diagnostics, and their integration into subsystems, Parker is your trusted partner in instrument development.
Clinical Diagnostics
Parker Patient Gas and Delivery manufactures nitrous oxide delivery systems for dental and medical applications. Our product portfolio includes many respected brands including Porter, Matrx, Reliant, DynoMite, Nitronox and Porter's new SILHOUETTE low profile nasal mask.

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