Protecting Your Assets and Ensuring Purity

We protect and purify using diverse solutions engineered for your unique application. Never failing you is where we build our pride. We use our expertise to find the best filtration solution for your specific business goals.

FOCUSED ON Purification

Parker water separators have been designed for the efficient removal of bulk liquid contamination from compressed air

Brand Applications

Providing purification and separation technologies that offer unsurpassed compressed air and gas purity, product quality, technological excellence and global support. Our mission is to provide you with premier customer service and high-quality product solutions that ensure the quality of your products and operations and save you downtime.
Unparalleled laboratory gas generators built for performance you can depend on. Our generators are cost-effective, and pay for themselves within 18 months and reduce yearly costs versus gas cylinders by a factor of 10. We are the proven choice with an install base of over 40,000 units around the world for leading companies.
Redefining compressed air treatment with premier solutions. We are the industry leading desiccant and refrigerated dryers, nitrogen generation, and process cooling systems manufacturer. We deliver cost and energy saving solutions to maximize your up-time and increase your bottom-line.
We have been providing clean air solutions that protect your employees, help you remain compliant, improve plant performance and enable you to realize your operating goals for five decades. Our commitment to you is backed by continuous investment in research, leading edge technology and a passion for building high-performance products proven to deliver results.
We know you value and trust our quality, technical expertise, and industry-leading design and innovation when it comes to dust collection and air filtration. We take that trust very seriously. That means we don’t sell just any solution. We work hard to understand your specific needs to provide the right answer. That commitment that honesty is fundamental to what we do. It’s at our core. It’s who we are.

About Us

State-of-the-art labs. Advanced filtration research. A leading global provider of innovative filtration technologies and solutions offering superior industry knowledge, thought leadership and exceptional customer service, with a passion for building high-performance products ensuring a safer, cleaner and more sustainable environment.

World-class manufacturing processes. You will find we produce top quality filtration solutions through rigorous manufacturing methods. And, as a global company with an expansive network strategically located around the world, we provide superior localized services and support to you.

Application engineering experience for any filtration challenge. Our ability to design a solution to fit your application begins with engineering expertise; proven by hundreds of global installations supported by local teams with application and industry experience to deliver the industry-leading performance you expect.

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