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Parker releases the CO2 Innovations Catalog

Riding the current trend of natural refrigerants, Parker RACE is working towards CO2 applications

Padua, Italy, February 5, 2018 – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning EMEA Division of Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, is actively working to achieve a leadership position with the provision of high-technology products to use with the refrigerant R744. The catalog released contains product information specifically for CO2 applications with the goal of providing a complete overview of Parker CO2 products available for our customers.

RACE Division can boast an innovative R&D Lab dedicated to CO2 that was built in Padua’s headquarters in 2015. The Lab covers an area of 258 m2 and it’s linked to a supermarket lab of 88 m2: this special configuration allows results of tests run by the dedicated team of R&D engineers which is especially focused on refrigeration, to be verified immediately. This laboratory provides an opportunity for Parker to play a key role in the growth of environmentally friendly refrigeration solutions. It’s also thanks to this unique equipment that the Division has had the chance to develop product solutions that couldn’t be tested otherwise.

“The primary purpose of the Lab is to sustain and accelerate Parker’s development of smart CO2 flow control solutions and to support OEM and end-users in selecting the best system design according to their specific refrigeration requirements and environmental conditions” said Older Dante, division product manager, RACE Division. “The CO2 catalog presents a full range of products suitable for the use with R744 refrigerant, we have available electric valves, solenoid valves and ball valves, filter-driers, electronic controllers and many other products.”

RACE division biggest challenge is to offer consistently state-of-the-art-products to its customers. Thanks also to the CO2 Lab the division is driving this way in order to reduce the environmental impact of R744 in comparison to the synthetic fluids used today and make the use of CO2 refrigerant more convenient.

Download the CO2 Innovations Document at www.parker.com/Parker_CO2Innovations_Catalog


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RACE Division is point of reference in the market for HVAC and Refrigeration components: about 7.000 products grouped in 20 different technological families are available for our customers. Our promise is high innovation technologies with low energy consumption, responsible engineering and sustainable growth.


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