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Parker releases the Refrigerants Matrix Document

Natural refrigerants will be the future in the HVAC and Refrigeration field

Padua, Italy, February 26, 2018 – The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning EMEA Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, released the Refrigerant Matrix Document. This document presents an overview of the current situation about the use of new refrigerants in the HVAC and Refrigeration Market and the compatibility of the main components available in Parker RACE portfolio with them.

Among many other characteristics, the perfect refrigerant should be environmentally friendly, largely available, non-flammable and with specific chemical-physical features, therefore it’s safe to say that the perfect refrigerant does not exist. The current trend is for HVAC and refrigeration companies to give space to natural refrigerants which are flammable but with a sensitive lower impact on the atmosphere. The ranking of the most used refrigerants will be driven by their GWP level. Going from the current situation to the foreseen one will take some time: there will be a gradual change from high gwp level molecules and blends refrigerants to a prevalent natural refrigerants use.

At the end of this process the market will be split in two parts: CO2, ammonia and hydrocarbons will cover the majority of the market while synthetic refrigerants will be confined to niche applications. This change will be driven by costs managed in different ways according to every individual country policy and application.

“Individual governments will define the limitations on the use of synthetic refrigerants in order to avoid the emission into the atmosphere of over 80 billion of equivalent tons of CO2 up to 2050” said Older Dante, division product manager, RACE Division. “Manufacturers will have to match the new requirements imposed by the natural refrigerants”.

Parker RACE is ready to face this new challenge offering a full range of products suitable for the use of new refrigerant, partnering with its customers to increase their productivity and profitability.

You can download the Refrigerant Matrix Document at www.parker.com/RACE_refrigerants matrix.


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