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New electronic control added to Parker Hannifin’s P2/P3 series of axial piston pumps

eP2 electronic control brings new standard of productivity to existing line

Chemnitz, Germany, 4. July 2017 – The Pump & Motor Division of Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has announced an extension to its axial piston pumps product line with a new electronic control concept, eP2. Added to the P2/P3 series product line that has been utilised in load-sensing systems for many years, the eP2 control offers a new standard in terms of efficiency, responsiveness and stability.


Originally designed to meet the specific demands of heavy duty mobile applications, Parker’s P2/P3 series provides for a cost-saving direct mount solution on most typical mobile transmissions with its optimized space envelope and unique port layout features. The availability of both a standard (P2) and a supercharged, internally boosted version (P3) allows for high flow operation at the most diverse inlet conditions. With continuous pressure ratings of up to 350 bar, P2/P3 provides a high-power density and enables downsizing of mobile machinery.


With the addition of eP2 electronic control, the product line benefits from increased volumetric efficiency and reduced power consumption, banishing the losses of standard hydro-mechanical compensators. In addition, the eP2 paves the way for new hydraulic system approaches, such as the purely electronic control of single actuator operation that eliminates the delta p losses of a conventional LS system.


Featuring electronic displacement feedback, the new design takes advantage of a closed control loop, ensuring highest accuracy and repeatability at any time. Besides the standard electronic displacement control function that can easily be integrated into existing system control logics, the eP2’s hardware also ensures electronic pressure limitation, torque control and speed compensation.


In addition to the pump itself, Parker has also introduced a new pump control module, providing the logic and monitoring options for the whole range of eP2’s electronic control functions. All components have been CE certified.


eP2075 is launched to serial production in July 2017, followed by all further upgrades of P2 as well as P3 within the coming months.

For more information, please visit our landing page for eP2: parker.com/eP2

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