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Parker Launches Next Generation Model of its Nitronox® Demand Flow Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Delivery System

Nitronox® Plus takes the benefits of an adjustable continuous flow system and combines them into a new demand flow system that allows for a predictable patient experience.


Hatfield, PA, December 03, 2021 – The Precision Fluidics Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, today announced the launch of its Parker Porter Nitronox® Plus nitrous oxide and oxygen delivery system.


Nitronox® Plus is a compact demand flow nitrous oxide and oxygen delivery system that offers three new model options: fixed 50/50 or a choice of adjustable nitrous oxide in either 0-50% or 0-70% concentrations. Nitronox® Plus can be utilized across a wide range of applications requiring pain management and/or minimal sedation in hospitals, physician offices and birthing centers. These three new models allow the healthcare professional to choose an ideal pain management device that best fits the needs of the application and the patient. Nitronox® Plus also includes several enhancements and new features to the current Nitronox® model.


The Nitronox® Plus adjustable concentration models provide the healthcare professional the ability to titrate nitrous oxide to a desired and predictable level of sedation and pain management across a wider variety of patient applications. Moreover, the demand flow system can be used for both adult and pediatric applications.


The internal demand valve used in the Nitronox® Plus has a lower inhalation cracking pressure making it easier to function for a wider spectrum of patients.


Nitronox® Plus also offers new features including an on/off nitrous oxide key lock, internal but accessible demand valve, function test button, audible low gas pressure alarm and easy-to-read visual gauges showing real-time gas line and mixture pressures. These features add safety and security to the Nitronox® Plus and make it easier to perform preventative maintenance testing


"The Nitronox® name is synonymous with quality and the ability to effectively reduce patient pain and anxiety during minimally invasive medical procedures,” said Jim Schmidt, Medical Sales Manager. “Nitronox® Plus builds on decades of that success and is the culmination of years of gathering user feedback to design a device that offers healthcare professionals the functionality they’ve asked for."


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