Sowing the Seeds for a Better Tomorrow

What if you could improve your community today—and for generations to come?

What if a single act could reduce your carbon footprint and preserve your cultural heritage?

What if the key to creating a better tomorrow fit in the palm of your hand?

When it comes to leading with purpose, sometimes big ideas come in small packages. Just ask Cristina Sahagún, environmental, health & safety manager for Parker Filtration Group in Querétaro in North-Central Mexico. When Sahagún learned that two species of trees in her local El Cimatario National Park were endangered and nearing extinction, she knew she had to act.

People from Querétaro and other parts of Mexico love the park,” explains Sahagún. “They go to exercise, they go for a picnic, and they go to see the animals. It’s such a great place for families to be together and have a very good, healthy time. My coworkers and I--we don’t want to lose these trees.”

The resilient mesquite tree and the sweet acacia tree play a vital role in the ecology of the region. The pods and leaves of the mesquite, rich with protein and essential nutrients, provide a vital source of food for wildlife. Mesquite is also considered a nurse plant in the ecosystems where it grows, since many native plants are only able to establish under the microclimate it provides.

In short order, Sahagún secured government support in acquiring saplings that she and her Filtration Group team would nurture and plant. “We have the ambitious idea to plant 10,000 trees in national park of Cimatario,” she explains. “After one year of taking care of the saplings at our Parker facilities, once they become little trees, our team members’ families will plant these baby trees. Then we must take care of them for a few months until they are really strong within the ground.”

The initial planting of 1,000 saplings took place in the summer of 2019, but clearly the team in Querétaro will be enjoying the fruits of their labors for years to come.

“One amazing thing about Parker is empowerment,” adds Sahagún. “They give you a chance. If I have a good idea, I can go and materialize it.”

Often times, leading with purpose means seeing the forest for the trees. And it means identifying opportunities all around us, big and small, to sow the seeds of change.

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