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Parker Hannifin launches next generation CO2 quality incident protection system

Gateshead, United Kingdom, 3. October 2019- Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has been the trusted partner for bottling plants across the globe for more than 20 years. Parker’s Gas Separation and Filtration Division (GSFE) announce the launch of the next generation PCO2 Quality Incident Protection systems. The next generation offers a prominent improved design, in line with customer needs, whilst ensuring contamination free CO2.


The new system single man service operation feature has the potential of a reduced cost of ownership of more than 35% over a ten-year operational period, through reduced aftermarket procurement. Subsequently both third party maintenance labour costs and production downtime decline with a potential cost savings up to 50%.


Parker continually delivers robust and reliable CO2 quality incident protection systems which have provided peace of mind for customers bottling carbonated beverages including soft drinks, sparkling mineral waters and beers.


The next generation PCO2 systems’ new cartridge constructed utilising the latest adsorbent technology results in an extended service life cycle of with twelve-month service intervals. The reduced system height results in an improved ease of access to the redesigned manifold with a simplified installation & maintenance procedure.


The new improved sealing mechanisms cut the possibilities of leaks. The improved design features new corrosion resistance feet.


Following feedback from the market, the new system has been designed to ensure that CO2 gas cannot be processed, in the event that the adsorbent cartridges are not fitted. This additional safety measure ensures that the system operates correctly and CO2 gas is delivered at the required high quality, beverage grade standard.


For further information on how you can enjoy the next generation of Quality Incident protection system please contact Danny Silk, Product Manager and visit

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