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Parker Hannifin’s Platoon Water Purification System Awarded Contract with US Marine Corps

The system was developed at Parker’s Bioscience Filtration Division.


CLEVELAND, Ohio, June 15, 2020–Parker Hannifin® Corporation (NYSE: PH), is a world leader in motion and control technologies.


On April 15, 2020, after a year of rigorous testing, Parker was awarded a $6M contract by the United States Marine Corps for its Village Marine platoon water purification system known as the H2O-PRO. The H2O-PRO system produces 600 gallons of potable water from any fresh, brackish or salt-water source daily.


Historically, water purification systems used by the military have been bulky, difficult to operate and complicated to maintain--requiring an expert to operate the system. With two simple switches and color-coded gauges, the H2O-PRO simplifies the complex operation. The system offers a 100% tool-less changeout of the sediment filters and reverse osmosis membranes. Beyond this, patented composite membranes eliminate the need for a pressure vessel, reduce maintenance time and risk of contamination, and eliminate the possibility of improper installation. The system was built with portability in mind and is contained in a case that will fit any HMMWV or MRZR. The accessory case allows the system to operate on AC power or can run on batteries for four hours.


"Our military, Doctors without Borders, and first responders in disaster relief situations face the same problem--they all need accessible drinking water that is easily transportable. We made it our mission to solve this problem for our front-line. To be able to create safe drinking water from any source with a system of its size and capacity to weight ratio is a breakthrough. That’s what makes this system unique. That is why we worked to create the H2O-PRO.” Kelly Sullivan, Engineering Manager for Water Purification.


Current water practices used by the military:

  • The US Military utilizes bottled water for consumption which is costly to transport and creates waste
  • Replenishing bottled water totals 51% of all military logistics
  • Bottled water is also distributed to local nations in disaster relief situations
  • Transporting bottled water limits the quantity of other supplies and ammunition that can be delivered


Benefits of the H2O-PRO

  • The H2O-PRO produces 600 gallons of drinking water daily--from any water source; it can make four times it’s weight in water each day
  • The self-contained H2O-PRO weighs under 130 lbs. and is built to fit on the back of military vehicles; reducing the military’s reliance on Water Buffalo vehicles
  • Traditional systems utilize three to five times the power of the H2O-PRO; the H2O-PRO runs on AC power or can operate on batteries for four hours
  • H2O-PRO provides clean, purified drinking water in areas with water sources of suspect quality


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