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Marine Diesel Engine performance boosted by SBV3 Pulsation Damper from Parker Hannifin

Paris, France, 4 April 2016- Parker Hannifin the global leader in motion and control technologies, has launched its new SBV3 Pulsation Damper which is specially designed for installation on low pressure fuel systems, typically in Marine and Power Generation applications. The new SBV3 range attenuates pressure pulses in the fuel system to help prevent damage to piping and instrumentation and reduce the costs associated with system downtime, maintenance and repair.

The new generation of SBV3 by Parker Olaer offers enhanced longevity, delivering stable performance levels for approximately 35% longer than the previous model. The patented technology removes all risks and maintenance associated with pressurised gas and no pre-charge is required as silicone particles are used instead. This third generation of the SBV3 damper integrates the new Olaer S2 rubber mix which supports extended life and higher efficiency, and a new stem adapter which provides greater reliability.

Safety is one of the principle benefits of the new SBV3. Its new stem adapter with 2 sealing zones significantly reduces the risk of hot fluid contact during inspection and maintenance. A high pressure safety factor and enhanced leak prevention are other improved safety features.

The SBV3 range’s ease of installation and use, is enhanced by the fact that no additional fluids are needed and the need for gas pre-charge has been removed. Its lightweight construction (from 3kg) makes it safer and more convenient to handle and transport. A full range of manifolds and clamps are also available to support and facilitate easy installation.

Offering a maximum working pressure of 40 bar and an operating pressure range of 3 to 15 bar the SBV3 is ideally suited for low pressure systems. A broad operating temperature range of -10°+150°C reinforces the unit’s versatility for use in a wide range of different environments. A further benefit is suitability for use with heavy fuels and other oils (HFO & Medium diesel Oils) with approvals including PED and BV Marine (ABS, DNV, GL, NKK are available on request).

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