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Parker Composite Tool Cylinders Provide an Ultra-light Solution for Heavy Duty Operations

Louisville, KY - September 29, 2015 -- Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and
control technologies, will demonstrate its new portable lightweight hydraulic actuators for multiple
purposes on construction and service sites at the 2015 ICUEE show. These lightweight actuators are
used for pressing, lifting, extracting and tensioning operations and are the result of combining
lightweight materials with innovative manufacturing techniques and designs to provide exceptional
portable power for a wide range of applications.

Parker Lightraulics® tool cylinders, made from carbon fibre composites and high performance
lightweight alloys, are typically more than 60% lighter than the comparable steel actuators. The
extremely low weight allows the operator to quickly and accurately position the cylinder or to move it
from one place to another. The result is a reduction in transportation time and equipment, higher
productivity and less risk of injury.

The portfolio of Parker’s Lightraulics tool cylinders includes portable lightweight lifting jacks and
hollow piston cylinders for pre-stressing of steel anchor ties, cable tensioning, as well as pressing and
extracting of pins, bearings and bushings, for example.

Both types of cylinders are available to lift, press or apply a tension of up to 500 tons (453 metric
tonnes) at 10,000 PSI (689 bar). Typically, the double-acting cylinders are retracting at 725 PSI (50
bar). If a faster retraction is required, the customer can further decrease the cycle time by choosing
the version with 1,450 PSI (99 bar) retraction pressure. An integrated pressure valve as well as an
external pressure relief valve ensures safe operation at all times. High performing aramid overwrap on
the carbon fibre barrel prevents abrasion in tough environments. In total, there are more than 150
sizes available to provide the right solution for every application.

In addition to the Lightraulics tool cylinders, Parker is offering further series of standard lightweight
composite actuators. Typical applications are cranes and booms, where the weight savings enables a
longer extension of the booms, or higher payloads, without increasing the total weight. Reduction of
counter weight and fuel consumption are further values for the end user. The use of these
lightweight, high performance cylinders provides high corrosion resistance and reduced replacement
costs. The light weight also allows for easier and quicker positioning, installation and maintenance,
sometimes without the need for additional lifting devices, reducing costly down time.

The core technology of Parker Lightraulics products is based on the extraordinary properties of
carbon fibre reinforced plastics. With exceptional strength and stiffness relative to the weight,
superior fatigue life compared to metal components and high corrosion resistance, carbon fibre
composites allow designs and structures which, only a few years ago, would have seemed impossible.

Parker’s composite hydraulic actuators are manufactured using production technologies which permit
a high degree of customization. Thus, Parker can offer tailored solutions specially designed for the
application’s requirements.

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