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Most people care about leading a purposeful life. Researchers have found that those who live their purpose at work are healthier, more engaged, loyal and productive than those who don’t. And when people are part of an organization with its own authentic purpose, the benefits continue to compound. Work and life outcomes improve.

 This was part of the impetus for launching Parker’s Purpose in 2019. It wasn’t about rebranding or changing our image after more than 100 years in business. Rather, the time was right to clearly define the role we play in people’s everyday lives. Our purpose helped us put into words what our team members already knew, what they were already doing: Enabling Engineering Breakthroughs that Lead to a Better Tomorrow.

 While the world has changed immensely in just the few years since its launch, our purpose remains constant— serving as a much-needed north star during the disruption of a global pandemic. Increasingly, purpose is a cornerstone of Parker’s culture. And so, we recently set out to learn what Parker’s Purpose means to our team members around the world.

 We asked team members what they’re passionate about, what they’re proud of and how they view Parker’s unique contribution to the world. The insight and stories they shared were captured as part of a new culture-focused video, in which the people reflecting on our purpose are the same people who help make it a reality every day. 

 “Parker’s Purpose is all about finding ways to improve the world around us,” explains Conor, a Parker LORD team member with 15 years of service. “Engineering breakthroughs come about when you have a dynamic team working together, bringing a diverse range of opinions, backgrounds and ideas to the table.”

 “Parker culture is a speak-up culture where everyone is allowed to speak,” adds Ashok.

 Jill, a 27-year Parker veteran appreciates the company’s continuous improvement mentality: “We’re always striving to do better, lowering emissions, cutting costs, making everything safer.”

 For Anthony, with nearly a decade of service, the key is empowered people: “We understand our purpose in the business is to grow the business and they reward us for that. It makes you feel personally accountable for the company’s growth.”

 Many of the team members we talked to described their Parker teammates as an extension of their own families. Vijaykumari, who has been with the company for just two years, was pleased to discover that Parker truly believes in gender equality. Dana appreciates that long-standing team members are receptive to the younger generations and recognizes the incredible opportunity to learn from those Parker veterans by working alongside them.

 It’s a win-win. More than ever, team members expect their work to bring a significant sense of purpose to their lives. From the development of innovative products and systems to the work of our safety and High Performance Teams, purpose helps team members all over the world recognize how what they do adds value and contributes to our shared commitment to a better tomorrow.

Please click HERE to watch the video.

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