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 Parker Hannifin’s new F3 Hydraulic Truck Pump is easy to engage and disengage

Unique design makes it possible to engage the pump without turning off truck engine and supports significant fuel savings

Warsaw, Poland, 27. September 2016 - Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies has announced its new F3 Hydraulic Truck Pump that is designed to be installed connected to the engine’s  power take-off (PTO) and used in applications where the driver / operator needs to have access to hydraulic power in combination with maneuvering of the truck. When the handing task has been completed, the hydraulic pump can be completely disconnected from the engine. The F3 pump is ideal for supporting on-truck applications such as hook loaders, skip loaders and tippers.

The new F3 offers high performance, delivering up to 185 l/min at up to 400 bar The robust design combined with Parker’s significant experience  supporting demanding truck applications helps ensure excellent reliability. Because the F3 pump can be completely disconnected from the engine, the risk of a complete vehicle breakdown with associated costs and downtime due to a ruptured hose for example, is alleviated.  In addition, the unique design with built-in mechanical coupling makes the F3 pump extremely light and compact allowing easy straightforward installation on most common truck engines.

The new pump achieves typical fuel savings of 0.6 percent; for the average truck this can amount to between a 200 and 300 litres (45-65 gallons) reduction in diesel use per year, resulting in fewer emissions of greenhouse gases and particles.

In its unloaded position and disconnected mode, the new F3 generates considerably less noise compared to a conventional hydraulic pump (when the hydraulic pump is in bypass mode). The driver is free to engage the pump as he approaches the work site without turning the engine off.  If the hydraulic system is equipped with an emergency stop when the hydraulic pump is installed into the engine PTO, the mechanical coupling which is built into the new F3 makes it possible to disconnect the hydraulic pump from the source of power.

The new F3 pump is available in two sizes:  F3-081 and F3-101.

For more information contact Parker Sales Company Finland or visit www.parker.com/F3.

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