Fast-Fill Compressed Natural Gas Dispenser Sets the Standard for Safety and Performance

To reduce their environmental footprint and decrease fuel costs, many fleet operators are turning to natural gas as an alternative to gasoline or diesel. Natural gas provides comparable amounts of power and acceleration while producing lower levels of emissions and particulates, often at a significantly lower cost.

A heavy duty vehicle powered by natural gas, such as a refuse truck or passenger bus, produces up to 15% fewer emissions of greenhouse gases and harmful particulates than a standard diesel model.

When it comes to filling the tank, the transition to a vehicle powered by natural gas feels seamless to a driver refueling with a Parker Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) dispenser. The unit is capable of quickly refilling the empty fuel tank of a small passenger car or heavy duty truck, refuse vehicle or passenger bus. It displays traditional metrics such as the fuel quantity and cost, in addition to natural gas-specific measures of flow rate and pressure, offering a familiar and convenient user experience.

Designed with safety as a top priority, the Parker CNG dispenser uses a series of protective sensors, breakaway couplings and hose disconnects to eliminate the risk of mechanical or user malfunctions. The system is held to the highest standard of quality to prevent leakage, minimize downtime and provide consistent and reliable service.

Approximately 500,000 natural gas vehicles refuel using Parker dispensers every day, a significant first step toward the future of sustainable transportation.