Air Saver Cuts Compressed Air Use to Drastically Reduce Power Consumption

Given its effectiveness in eliminating moisture, reducing temperature and clearing away dust or other substances, compressed air is a critical tool used in industrial and automotive manufacturing, food processing, electronics assembly, bottling and countless other applications.

Generating compressed air, however, is an energy intensive process that can account for as much as 20% of a facility’s total power consumption. In most cases, air compressors provide a constant supply of compressed air, regardless of when and how it is being used.

Air Saver is a switching valve technology that, when supplied a continuous stream of compressed air, generates pulsed air blow that is only “on” when air is required by the operator. By stemming the supply in between periods of active use, Air Saver reduces air consumption by 50%.

By cutting compressed air use in half, Air Saver can decrease a facility’s overall power consumption by up to 5%, significantly reducing emissions and operating costs.

Air Saver requires no power to operate, and installation requires no modifications to plant operations and does not interrupt production. Air Saver is a simple plug-in solution to improve efficiency, protect the environment and benefit the bottom line.