Expert Insights Tech Talk: Exploring The Tech Behind Mobile Electrification

Jun 9, 2022 - Jun 9, 2022
Online | 15:00 CET

Mark Jeffries, international keynote speaker and author

Parker experts
Christopher Griffin, Business Development Manager Electrification, Motion Systems Group

Prasanna Srinivasan, Global Marketing, Business Development and Pricing Manager, Engineered Materials Group

This June you are invited to join our electrification experts for an in-depth exploration of the specialized technology that is currently available and being used to facilitate the rapid growth of electrified mobile platforms.

With each passing year, more heavy industrial sectors are turning to mobile electrification to fulfill their decarbonization targets, reduce costs and improve safety. Vehicle electrification is set to become one of the key areas for investment and innovation in the next decade and design engineers will require greater access to the latest innovations in tech from complete solution providers to achieve this. We will explain what’s out there, who has it, and how it works. From thermal management solutions and hi-tech adhesives to electrifying hydraulics and pneumatics, our panel of experts will delve deep into the technology used and explain its capabilities and influence on mobile electrification.

With electrification technology evolving constantly it’s important to keep abreast of new developments and be aware of how current tech works – Expert Insights 3 provides the perfect online forum to discover this, and we hope you can join us on the 9th to find out in detail more about the tech involved.

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