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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file placed by a server, website, application, or messaging system on your browser or device (e.g., computer, tablet, mobile phone or other electronic device).  The cookie enables the server to improve your experience by remembering certain information such as your search preferences or your location.  The particular Parker Online Service (defined in the Terms of Use) you are accessing may use one or more of the following types of cookies:

Session and Persistent Cookies

Session cookies help you navigate through a website or app.  They are temporary in that they last only during your browsing session and are deleted when you close your browser.  Persistent cookies remain on your machine or device after a session has expired and until they are deleted or blocked.

Functionality Cookies

These cookies allow the server to recognize you and to remember things such as your preferred language and location. They also may be used to log which pages you visited.

Performance Cookies

Performance cookies allow us to compile information such as how visitors use our websites or apps, and which pages have the most views.  They also may be used to record errors which visitors may experience while viewing a certain page.

Strictly necessary Cookies

These cookies are essential in order to enable users to move around a website or app and use its features.

Most of the cookies relevant to the Parker Online Services are set by the Parker organizations.  Third party cookies are set by other organizations.  The third party cookies include, for example, the email marketing cookies, the “Live Chat” cookies and the Analytics cookies, all of which are mentioned in the table below.

How do we use cookies?

The Parker organizations may use cookies and other technologies such as pixel tags and web beacons to help improve your experience when using Parker Services.  Information obtained using these technologies may be treated as personal or non-personal information in accordance with applicable law.

How do I manage cookies?

Most browsers automatically accept cookies.  You can usually modify your browser settings to decline cookies.  In addition, depending upon the country from which you are visiting a Parker website or app, or accessing the Parker Services, such as those in the European Economic Area, when you first visited a website or app, a banner may appear to explain that the website or app uses cookies and to direct you towards this document (as well as the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy).  The banner explains that if you continued to use the Parker Services, or if you stayed on the landing page containing the banner, the cookies described in this document would be installed on your machine or device and you would be giving your consent to this, as relevant, by proceeding to use the Parker Online Services.

Your browser or device can be set to disable these cookies and other technologies at any time.  This means you can withdraw your consent to them at any time.  To do so, adjust your browser’s privacy settings or follow the directions found under your browser’s help menu.  Alternatively, click “Help” in the toolbar and search for directions on disabling cookies or, review the cookie management guide produced by the Interactive Advertising Bureau at  Disabling cookies may prevent you from being able to use some Parker Online Services.


Strictly Necessary Cookies

Cookie name / supplier

Purpose user experience cookies

We use a number of cookies without which our pages, addresses or other sites (“sites”) for our web, social media, apps, and IoT or other services wouldn’t be able to function and that enable you to move around the site and use its main features. These cookies do things like:

  • identify your connection to the site
  • identify that you are logged into the site
  • identify the site, language and pages that you are using
  • capture settings specific to your visit to ensure things like session timeout can function.


Performance Cookies

Cookie name / supplier


General site analytics

Our sites may use cookies to allow our 3rd party analytics suppliers to provide us with statistics and information on how our sites are used, e.g. which pages are visited, so that we can understand what interests our users, measure effectiveness of campaigns and try to improve the operation of our sites.

eCommerce analytics

Our sites may use a cookie that enables a 3rd party supplier to provide us with anonymous data on users’ experiences and activities on the site so that we can provide recommendations or a more efficient experience for other users undertaking similar journeys or activities on the site. analytics information cookie

We may use a cookie on the site to capture anonymous user information such as job description and preferred language which our 3rd party cookie supplier uses in the provision of its analytics services.


Functionality Cookies (

Cookie name / supplier

Purpose language cookie

On our sites that offer multi-language, i.e. German/French on our Swiss site, we use a cookie to enable users to change his or her preferred language. My Parker cookies

We use cookies to enable the “My Parker” functionality on our sites. mobile app cookies

We use functionality similar to cookies when you use a mobile app to access a site. The functionality is used to do things like ensuring the correct country site is displayed to you and to enable you to build parts lists while using the app. Country cookie

We may use a cookie that remembers your chosen country on the site so that subsequent visits direct you to the same country site.


Functionality Cookies (third party)

Cookie name / supplier


Chat cookie

We use cookies to provide live chat sessions to offer you support. We may use a 3rd party to provide the functionality for us to offer this service.

Marketing Automation cookie

We may use a 3rd party to provide targeted communications to known customers (when they have opted in to receiving such communications).



Last updated: May 2018

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