A Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Parker is committed to building a welcoming and inclusive workplace that respects and embraces the unique perspectives of all. Team members from an incredibly diverse range of backgrounds leverage their creativity and unique skill sets to solve problems, improve processes and drive Parker forward.


We operate in a vast and interconnected world where diversity matters. This includes gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious and political beliefs as well as education and socioeconomic backgrounds. We strongly believe that diversity brings many advantages to the business: increased profitability, better problem-solving abilities, high creativity and stronger innovation. Beyond the financial figures, employees who feel their company provides equal opportunities, feel their voice is heard and can be authentic at work are more likely to best perform their work and be proud to work for their company. ​

​In terms of diversity, we embrace our differences, and appreciate them, so that we can create an inclusive and respectful workplace in which each person is empowered, has the ability to grow and develop, and is recognized for their contributions. Our ability and commitment to harness the strengths of all of our employees makes Parker a great place to work.​