An internship with Parker provides valuable experience and networking opportunities, helping to bridge the gap between your education and career.

Internships at Parker

Over the years, Parker has found that when interns and co-ops are hired into the company they are focused and ready to make immediate contributions, as opposed to new hires directly out of college who have little practical experience.

Parker interns gain valuable experience through hands-on training at various company locations. Interns are provided with meaningful work and measurable goals, and receive feedback on their performance through an evaluation completed by their immediate supervisor. Interns with good evaluations are invited to return for another internship. Those who are seniors are given consideration for full-time employment with Parker upon graduation, a valuable opportunity to begin a career with momentum.

Majors include:
• Accounting
• Business
• Communications
• Engineering (chemical, electrical, environmental, industrial, mechanical)
• Human Resources
• Information Technology
• Marketing
• Supply Chain
• Strategic Pricing
• and others

Internships are available in each of these fields: accounting, human resources, IT, marketing and engineering. Engineers may work on the manufacturing floor, in a research or test lab or in product development. They may also work in customer support or sales, providing product information and technical support. Business majors have opportunities in many areas of the business, including supply chain and operations management.

“I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to go through the internship program with Parker. Having that experience enabled me to make a smooth transition into my full time position after I graduated. Direct connections that I made during my internship provided me with the opportunity to have a full time position lined up as soon as I graduated from college. The part I enjoy most about my current position as an Applications Engineer is that I am provided with plenty of training and also given the opportunity to see many aspects of the business.” - Tom, Applications Engineer, 3-time Summer Intern