Parker has built Strategic Pricing into a unique, industry leading organization.

Strategic Pricing at Parker

Parker’s investment into this initiative has not only preserved the hard-earned savings from Strategic Procurement and Lean, but has allowed Parker to deliver Profitable Growth through high quality, high value products and systems at the best price. Pricing to resistance through product and market segmentation, value in use, and competitive analysis, Parker’s global team of pricing professionals are helping to win more business at prices that are fair, profitable, and differentiated. Pricing has a powerful effect on the company’s Growth and Profitability. By choosing to actively manage price, Parker leverages the benefits while minimizing risk. ‘Strategic Pricing’ does not mean charging higher prices across the board. It means charging the right price for each situation. Parker employs pricing professionals in the following disciplines:

• Quoting Specialist
• Pricing Analysts
• Pricing Coordinators
• Pricing Managers

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