The Parker Values

Our business is founded in a history of fair dealings. Parker is proud to say that we are enabling engineering breakthrough that lead to a better tomorrow. We believe our future growth is assured by honoring that tradition of excellence and by ongoing adherence to our core values.

Leading with Purpose and Values

Our global success is based on a simple equation: an empowered workforce operating in a supportive and respectful environment fosters innovative ideas and solutions. We encourage our employees to pursue ideas, and more importantly, we listen to them. When we succeed, we recognise employees and team achievements and create exceptional opportunities for career growth within our global company.

Winning Culture

We insist on integrity and ethical behavior and we value compassion, respect and inclusion in all aspects of our global business. We seek to raise the quality of life through responsible, global stewardship.

Valued Customers

We partner with our customers to increase their productivity and profitability, ensuring their success as well as ours. We are committed to serving our customers through innovation, value creation and the highest quality system solutions.

Passionate People

We are empowered – every idea counts and every role has a voice. We are committed to safety and realize the value of our collective efforts. We believe our strength comes from the relationships and trust we establish with each other, our customers, suppliers, distributors and the world we serve.

Engaged Leadership

We lead by example, demonstrating our values in all circumstances and at all times. Our character, experience and abilities are the foundation of Parker’s operational excellence. We hold ourselves accountable for achieving the results our stakeholders expect. We listen to and encourage one another, and take pride in our growth and accomplishments.