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-70°F Low Temperature Hydraulic Hose

Featuring optimum hose flexibility in cold climates with temperatures as low as -70°F

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Parflex Hose and Tubing Products


Parflex manufactures Thermoplastic and PTFE hose and tubing for the most extreme applications on the planet.

In addition to standard hose and tubing products, Parflex delivers a wide variety of customized products. See the Oil & Gas UHP video. Specialty products include bonded, formed and reinforced hose and tubing, tubing harnesses and many other customer specific designs to produce products that speed up installation, reduce scrap, reduce inventory components and improve throughput.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What's New

The Most Flexible Low-Temperature
Hydraulic Hose

Parflex low temp hoses offer optimum flexibility in temperatures as low as -70°F.  100R7, 100R17 and 100R18 designs.
Sizes range from 1/8" up to 3/4". 

What's New

56 series rapid assembly fitting

Rapid Assembly Fittings Substantially Reduce Installation Times

With one fitting, adapter and hose, Parflex 56 Series Rapid Assembly fittings make installs quick and easy for 100R7 and 100R17 hoses qualified with 56 series fittings.

Hose and Tubing By Industry

Parflex designs and manufactures thermoplastic and fluoropolymer hose, tubing and fittings that provide application-specific solutions in various industries and markets. Parflex products stand the performance test of time in extreme conditions. Click the button to the right for highlights.

Check out the industries Parflex serves, bringing together all of the solution-built products that keep your equipment safer, cleaner, and leaner.

Brochures and Catalogs

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Why Thermoplastics / Why Fluoropolymers

Find out when to use thermoplastic hose or tubing versus fluoropolymer hose or tubing.