Composite Sealing Systems Division

Reducing lead times and maintenance costs

The Composite Sealing System Division designs and manufactures engineered seals and sealing systems, consisting of metal and composite retained elastomeric combinations for challenging applications in a variety of markets.

Choosing a Static Seal for Defense Electronics Enclosures

Sensitive electronics provide critical communication, guidance, navigation, measurement and positioning for aircraft, military vehicles and defense weaponry.

Whether equipment is land-based, airborne, marine-based or amphibious, the enclosures that house specialized electronics need durable solutions that seal out moisture, aggressive media, dust and debris, deliver long life, perform flawlessly no matter the locale or extreme environment, and allow trouble-free field serviceability.

Watch the on-demand webinar presented by Parker's technical engineers for a comparison of static sealing types and guidance on selecting the best option for defense electronics enclosures.

Electrification Solutions

Speed to launch and consumer confidence are key to brand differentiation in the EV space.

Today we're working with EV design engineers and enabling them to leverage our expertise in engineering customized rubber-to-metal bonded Integral Seal™ products for drivetrain applications. Working together, we're providing reliable solutions with added features that aid OEMs in mistake-proof assembly of EV drivetrain components.

Watch the webinar replay to learn how we engineer customized solutions that improve overall profitability.

Case Studies

Customers work with Parker CSS Division to find solutions to their toughest sealing challenges. Sometimes current seals fail unexpectedly and require a new design. And as applications evolve, become more extreme, require miniaturization, electrification, or light-weighting, they require new seal technology.

Read case studies where we give a closer look at innovations and solutions we’re providing to customers utilizing our decades of expertise in seal design and product development.

Dissolvable Metal Alloy Calculator

Our suite of metal alloys exhibit high shear and compressive strength and excel in tight overlap, high-stage count, ball drop applications where predictable corrosion rates and reliable pressure holding performance is essential.

Now you can estimate the dissolution performance for your application. Click the link to access the new dissolution calculator and to download the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS) for our dissolvable alloy materials.

CSS Overview Video

Parker's Composite Sealing Systems Division designs and manufactures custom composite metal and elastomeric seals, specializing in high-integrity seals and systems for some of the world's most demanding applications.

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