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From our break-through engineering and safety-first manufacturing to the values and virtues that shape our culture, FSC delivers high-quality performance and products to people all over the world.

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Fluid System Connectors Division

Fluid System Connectors Division is dedicated to quality and service from design to delivery. From prototypes and new products to design improvements and manufacturing efficiencies, our engineers are working to help you accomplish your goals. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, we provide a high level of field support and customer design work for a variety of fittings, including  pneumatic, push-to-connect, industrial, compression, barbed fittings, as well as for valves, adapters, manifolds, and much more to suit your needs. 

Pneumatic Automation Fittings

Parker's Fluid System Connectors Division offers the industry's best fittings and valves for pneumatic automation applications. Years of engineering and product development have gone into each one of our pneumatic automation fittings. This dedication results in a superior product that can be used in a vast majority of applications. Our pneumatic automation fittings have been used in food packaging and lift sciences, as well as, petrochemicals and factory automation. Our industry leading pneumatic automation fittings will decrease energy consumption, save on assembly time, eliminate leaks and lower product costs. Parker FSC's partnership approach allows us to create custom solutions to meet your needs. To learn more about Parker's pneumatic automation products, visit our website. 

Transportation & Air Brake Fittings

Parker's Fluid System Connectors Division is the industry leader in transportation and air brake fittings. Years of engineering expertise and vigorous testing goes into each of our fittings to ensure we deliver a high-performing product. Our transportation & air brake fittings provide leak-free performance for air brake, engine coolant, trailer connections, and other transportation related applications. Parker's transportation products meet or exceeds FMVSS571.106 and SAE J2494-3 requirements. Most Parker transportation & air brake fittings meet or exceed the DOT safety requirements. Do you need a custom fitting for your application? Parker's team of engineers can assist in designing and manufacturing fittings unique for your application. To learn more about our transportation & air brake fitting offering, visit our website. 

Water & Life Science Fittings

Parker's Fluid System Connectors Division offers industry-leading fittings for water and life science applications. Our push-to-connect fittings and valves will help increase your throughput and efficiency. Parker's robust offering of water and life science fittings will also create smaller system footprints, reduce assembly time, and eliminate leak paths. Our engineering team can help create and manufacture unique fittings and solutions to solve your system design issues. To learn more about our water and life science fittings, visit our website. 

Transair Compressed Air Piping

Parker's Fluid System Connectors Division offers the original, and industry preferred compressed air piping system. Transair aluminum compressed air piping has been the industry leader for over 20 years. Our modular piping system installs fast and with minimal tooling. Ranging from 1/2" to 8", Transair aluminum piping can be used for compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas applications. For applications that require additional protection, Parker Transair offers a range of stainless steel piping that is rated for compressed air, vacuum, inert gas, process water, and chemical transfer applications. To learn more about Transair aluminum compressed air piping, visit our website. 

Where To Buy

Parker Hannifin has a vast global network of authorized distributors. Our authorized distributors are very knowledgeable in helping to diagnose system issues and recommending the Parker parts to solve your problems. With over 10,000 global distributors, Parker is here to engineer your success. Use our Where To Buy search to find your closest authorized Parker Hannifin distributor. 

CAD Library

To aid in your pneumatic system design, Parker FSC offers a vast library of CAD files. Visit our CAD Library to browse and download the files you need.  

FSC Video Library

Looking for "how to" and product overview videos? Explore the FSC video library. We offer installation videos for our pneumatic automation, water, and transportation & air brake fittings. Our videos are easy to follow and will explain the in-depth information needed to install and specify our industry leading fittings. 

How To Install Transair

Transair aluminum compressed air piping installs fast and with minimal tooling. Visit our installation database to learn how to install our aluminum and stainless steel piping systems.