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An Impressive Legacy of Filtration Brands

From CLARCOR® and Airguard® to ATI™ and Purolator®, Parker is a trusted single filtration source.

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Parker’s HVAC Filtration Division provides innovative filtration solutions to meet the demanding needs of our customers across multiple industries. By sharing real case studies, we empower others to achieve new levels of filtration efficiency while improving processes and reducing costs. 

About HVAC Filtration Division

For over 50 years, Parker has been improving the quality of air all around the world with products that define excellence. Parker’s HVAC Filtration Division employs the latest innovative and patented technologies, proprietary materials, and testing methods to engineer filters that outperform and outlast similar products on the market.


Our extensive experience and broad product line is the culmination of Parker’s own proprietary engineering combined with an impressive legacy of industry leading brands acquired by Parker through thoughtful procurement. These highly recognized and reputable brands include CLARCOR®, Airguard®, ATI™, Purolator®, and others which have strategically helped make Parker a trusted single source for filtration solutions that span across several markets.


For commercial, industrial, and institutional customers, Parker offers a complete line of clean room, High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) and Ultra-Low Particulate Air (ULPA) standalone and pre-filters that remove microscopic particles and contaminants with efficiencies up to 99.999%. Our diverse product offering for paint overspray collection includes filters that meet National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), making our filters and filtration solutions ideal for aerospace, automotive, and furniture applications. And for niche industries like agriculture, our pathogen barrier filters provide maximum filtration technology to protect livestock from the catastrophic effects of airborne diseases.


In addition to helping our customers maintain a better environment for their employees, manufacturing processes, and equipment, Parker filters are designed to reduce energy consumption and operating costs. Thinking beyond air purity has also led us to develop filter frames and boxes that are compatible with standard models making them a simple and effective upgrade. Our highly durable, lightweight, low-profile designs conserve storage space, lower freight costs, reduce labor time and cost, and lengthen the time between filter changeouts.


Many of our filter products are incinerable or recyclable to assist with disposal compliance. All are backed by a global network of availability and support – and of course – Parker’s reputation for over-delivering on quality, reliability, and value.



Engineering Your Success

Proprietary E-Pleat® technology: An exclusive Parker advantage


Our premium MICROGUARD® LR filters utilize our patented E-pleat technology, making them superior by design. Parker’s patented media is manufactured using proprietary pleating technologies to deliver optimum filtration performance and long service life. Multiple layers of hybrid-synthetic, gradient-density media are packed using our E-Pleat® equipment to maintain geometry and spacing. Using non-metal adhesive separators, the process maximizes the available media for high purity filtration and low airflow capacity.



Innovation in action

N-Fuse Technology


Parker's next generation MICROGUARD LR filter uses our proprietary N-Fuse™ Technology that provides Sub-HEPA filtration performance. The filter incorporates unique gradient density layers of Fluoro-Plasma treated media, combined with our embossed E-Pleat technology to maintain filter geometry and spacing.



Parker’s HVAC Filtration Division is an industry expert committed to engineering our customers’ success and working closely with them to protect the air quality for their employees, their processes, and their equipment. Our extensive product offering is designed to meet the most stringent filtration requirements across a variety of markets, helping manufacturers achieve the highest levels of manufacturing productivity while adhering to specific compliances. In the agriculture market, we’re delivering pathogen barrier filter solutions with unique pleating technology that prevents airborne diseases from contaminating livestock populations. Click on any of the markets below to learn how Parker’s products can enhance your next application. 


Agriculture Airports Automotive Cleanrooms


Airports Automotive Cleanrooms
Commercial & Retail Buildings Event Venues Food & Beverage Government Facilities
Commercial & Retail Buildings  Event Venues Food & Beverage  Government Facilities
Healthcare / Hospitals Manufacturing Solutions Microelectronics Museums, Archives, Libraries
Healthcare / Hospitals Manufacturing Solutions  Microelectronics Museums, Archives, Libraries
Paint Booth Pharmaceutical Schools & Universities
Odor Control Paint Booth Pharmaceuticals Schools & Universities 


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Where to Buy HVAC Filtration Products

Parker’s worldwide distribution network makes it convenient to get the products you need. Locate a distributor near you or find a Parker Store that carries items in stock. For customized solutions, we encourage you to call Parker’s HVAC Filtration Division at 1-866-247-4827.

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