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Keep back flow, repairs and downtime in check with Parker's Check Valves. Review our various sizes, pressure ratings, flow capacities and crack pressures.

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Parker Quick Coupling Division is the largest manufacturer of quick couplings in the world, providing reliable solutions for the most demanding applications.

  • Hydraulic quick connect couplings
  • Pneumatic quick connect couplings
  • High-pressure thread-to-connect quick couplings
  • Non-Spill couplings
  • Check valves
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • IoT-based condition monitoring solutions
Parker Quick Coupling Division is the largest manufacturer of quick couplings in the world


Parker is here to support you before, during and after your purchase. Here are a number of resources to support your product or to provide you more information about our quick connect/disconnect couplings, diagnostic and condition monitoring products. If you do not find what you need, contact us directly.

Watch our How-to Operate Videos

Operating couplings may sound easy but one misstep can impact your entire hydraulic or pneumatic system. Watch our how-to videos on operate our Manual Connect and Screw-to-Connect Quick Couplings.

Check Valves as Pressure Regulators in Class 8 Trucks

Check Valves as Pressure Regulators in Class 8 Trucks

Engine manufacturers are using Parker check valves as fuel pressure regulators in their trucks. In other words, they aren't just controlling the direction that fuel is flowing but controlling the amount of fuel delivered to the engine. Check valves acting as fuel pressure regulators have been helpful to OEMs attempting to meet Tier 4 compliance. Tier 4 is the most recent engine emissions standard implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency.

FEM Series Redesign

The FEM Series non-spill quick coupling from Parker

FEM Series is Getting an Update: The FEM Series non-spill quick coupling minimizes hydraulic leaks and spills, keeping equipment in prime condition and at optimal performance under the most strenuous conditions.

With a new design the FEM Series has a new look with additional capabilities.


Parker’s IoT-based condition monitoring solution offers advanced technology in an easy to install and use package. The Parker complete system includes wireless sensors, gateways, software platforms, and customer support to monitor machines and get data remotely from the office or home. This allows maintenance teams to get critical data they need without interrupting production, avoiding unplanned downtime, correcting issues before they escalate and reducing risk.