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Adhesives & Electronic Materials

We offer adhesives and thermal management materials for automotive, electronics and industrial markets.

Electronic Materials

We specialize in developing world-class thermal management, potting and encapsulation, gap filling, semiconductor packing, adhesive and thick film materials for demanding applications. Our product portfolio and technical expertise includes multiple chemistries, namely urethanes, epoxies and silicones. This product and expertise diversity allows us to select the chemistry that is the best fit for our customers' performance and cost requirements.

Thermal Management Materials

Thermal Management Materials

Potting & Encapsulation Materials

Potting & Encapsulation Materials

Semiconductor Packaging

Semiconductor Packaging

Thick Film Materials

Thick Film Materials


For more than half a century we have been developing and manufacturing high-performance adhesive products. As a technology-based company, we are proud to offer you a range of bonding adhesives, utilizing acrylic, epoxy and urethane technologies, designed to endure exposure to environmental conditions. With the ability to bond to a variety of substrates including bare metal, painted metal, composite, rubber-to-substrate, and more, we are sure to meet your application requirements.

Aftermarket Repair

Aftermarket Repair Adhesives

Industrial Structural

Industrial Structural Adhesives

Sign Assembly

Sign Assembly Adhesives


Transportation Adhesives

Automotive Assembly

Automotive Assembly Adhesives

Electronics Assembly

Electronics Assembly Adhesives

Architectural Assembly

Architectural Assembly Adhesives

Wind Energy

Wind Energy Adhesives

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