Precision Fluidics Division

Leading with Purpose During COVID-19

Throughout our 103-year history, Parker has been called upon in times of global disruption and hardship. Our leadership and perseverance in these defining moments, including the current COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrates how we live our purpose.

Message from the Chairman and CEO

VSO Max HP - Miniature High Pressure High Flow Proportional Valve

The VSO® MAX HP Series is a 2-Way Normally Closed proportional valve providing high flow and high pressure configurations, at less than 2.2 watts of power. This family consists of two orifice sizes and three voltage options.

X-Valve - Miniature Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

The Parker X-Valve® is designed to significantly reduce system size while providing pneumatic solutions in one package. Compact, 8mm PBT plastic valve providing a light weight solution for portable applications with limited space and available power.

Ventilator Manufacturing Support

LM-PRO - Linear Control Proportional Valve

The Parker LM-Pro proportional valve uses a Patent Linear Motor actuation technology that provides exceptional resolution over a longer stroke and lower power consumption than traditional solenoid or voice coil actuation. The LM-Pro proportional valve controllable range allows flow for all ventilator platforms. This new product further solidifies Parker Precision Fluidics market offering for the Respiratory and Anesthesia market.

The Ultra Low Carryover - Liquid Control Valve

The Ultra Low Carryover Valve features both unrivaled low carryover and the ability to reduce fluidic circuit complexity by replacing multiple valves with a single valve. The valve uses a patent pending new approach to increase throughput and decrease liquid waste by reducing wash times. Additionally, the Ultra Low Carryover Valve offers superior performance as a gradient proportioning valve for HPLC, HbA1c and other life science applications.

BTX-Connect Pump

BTX-Connect Pump

Parker’s BTX-Connect pump product line combines best in class diaphragm pump design, innovative ‘connected’ brushless motor technology, ultra-low vibration, and advanced manufacturing techniques to bring a next-generation solution to next-generation device needs. The BTX-Connect Pump is designed to provide high performance with superior quality and reliability. The options for Motor Control, Single Head, Dual Head, Pressure only, Vacuum only, and Pressure/Vacuum configurations offer a wide range of solutions with the support of Parker’s Global Teams.


The Helix is a compact, high pressure pump designed to enable the smallest of point-of-care instruments. Helix enables high pressure operation in challenging high altitude environments and applications where external compressed air is not available. Delivering more than 5.5 LPM flow and pressure up to 100 PSI (6.9 bar), the Helix pump provides the best solution for bench-top diagnostic devices where performance is critical and space is limited.

Featured Markets

From the laboratory and operating room to home health care, Parker develops innovative solutions for health care success. With our application-engineered pneumatic and liquid control valves, diaphragm pumps, pressure controllers, and mass flow meters and controllers, Precision Fluidics Division enables technologies that improve lives.



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