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Hose replacement is convenient and easy with your PTS ID tagged hose assembly. The PTS ID is the only configuration specification needed to order your hose assembly replacement, online, delivered to you.

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For years our customers asked for a fast, easy and exact way to track, manage and locate parts. So, the Parker Tracking System (PTS) was created more than 11 years ago.

Now we listen to our PTS users to continually add functionality and improve the user experience. With two platforms to manage assets, PTS Mobile App and PTS Web App, you are a click away from retrieving product information, scheduling a service event, and so much more.

Buy PTS Tagged Products In-App or Online

You can now buy PTS tagged products through the PTS Mobile App. It’s as easy as clicking 'Buy Now' on any asset in the mobile app that’s available for purchase.

You can also order your PTS tagged hose assembly online at Parker.com.
Just enter the hose PTS ID into the product search bar.


You’re on the go. Shouldn’t your asset management software be right there with you?

PTS Mobile is the perfect companion to our popular PTS Web App and puts the power and practicality of PTS in your pocket. This fast-growing mobile application provides on the go access to a number of useful features all while providing instant access to more than 50 million global assets.

Where do I find information for this part?

PTS takes the guesswork out of asset identification by including pictures, bill of material details, location information, specifications and other useful data associated with a unique asset.

Where do I find service history for this part?

PTS captures and stores a complete audit-quality history of all service and replacements. From the PTS Mobile app, select Service History for a quick look at all the past service events for a given asset.

When did I purchase this part?

With PTS mobile product registration, users can quickly add critical assets to a registered products list by simply scanning the barcode. Never lose track of important information or dates again.

Where can I purchase this part locally?

PTS includes a find feature that allows you to search Parker distributors globally for one nearest to you. Phone, address and map details are provided to quickly get you on your way.

Where can I find support docs for this product?

PTS provides access to attached documents, product guides, certificates, URL links and images for select products. View, print, save or email files to others from within the app.

Can I replace one asset for another?

Using the PTS Mobile Fast Swap feature, a few clicks will guide you through a simple product replacement. Great for documenting the replacement of an old or worn asset for a new one.

When do I service an asset?

PTS provides both email and in-app notifications on scheduled, coming soon and past due service events. Quickly find assets based on pending status and view service history.

How do I schedule an asset replacement?

Avoid missing critical maintenance intervals. With PTS, users can easily schedule service and replacement event reminders with the calendar selection tool.

Can I create an asset with PTS Mobile?

PTS Mobile allows users to create serialized asset records on-the-go, with just a mobile device. The create capability works with previously printed labels or asset tags with an unused PTS ID. If no pre-printed tags are available, the app will create a new PTS ID for you which can be printed or marked onto the product later.

Can I access support files on Parker.com?

PTS Mobile has a direct link with Parker.com to enhance access to product support files. In addition to asset-specific documents such as prints, test reports and material certifications, you can now link directly to thousands of other useful support documents. To explore all available support documents, simply select the “Documents” tab from any PTS asset.

Can I access different languages?

We've recently added new languages on the Mobile App to include German, French and Italian. You can easily access these by selecting a supported language on your device and the PTS mobile app will convert automatically. More languages will be announced soon.

Can I buy parts through PTS?

Yes, the PTS Mobile App allows you to buy assets and have them delivered. If a product is available for purchase, the ‘Buy Now’ button will appear under the part number. Simply click ‘Buy Now’ and follow the pages entering quantity, shipping information, and payment method.


You’re managing a million maintenance issues. You and your team don’t have time to waste when a part needs replaced or you need quick access to a component’s service history.

With the PTS Web App, experience the simple way to record, manage and retrieve critical asset information. This innovative system provides fast and accurate product information, speeding replacement regardless of where or when the original component was created.

Because tagged products can be replaced sight unseen, PTS eliminates the need to wait for removal before new parts can be acquired. Reducing transaction time means users can realize significant gains in productivity and equipment uptime.

Asset Location
Establish detailed asset location data for fast, and easy, replacement.
Asset Inspection
Collecting and storing customizable asset inspection data for easy retrieval.
Scheduled Events
Easily schedule and manage future inspection and replacement dates.
Asset Genealogy
Capture and analyze asset replacement and service history for continuous improvement.
Transfer Records
Seamlessly transfer record visibility between multiple PTS accounts.
Export Details
Quickly export customizable asset reports into Microsoft Excel.
Create professional PDF reports containing asset details, service history and attached files.
Email Notifications
Receive personal Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) email notifications.

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PTS allows you to choose the account that’s right for you.

Need a complete enterprise solution with access to all services as a fully registered PTS user? Then fill out our brief account request form to get credentials that can be used for both PTS Web and Mobile.

Just looking to manage assets from on-the-go with PTS Mobile? Then download the app and create a guest user account to start seeing the benefits of PTS for yourself.

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Before anyone used the term Digital Twin, PTS was creating clear and dynamic ID tags to provide a critical link to the digital record of parts where roduct-specific data is stored.

PTS employs proven hardware and media to deliver on-demand label printing and computer-aided scanning. We have selected some of the most trusted names in the industry to support our users world wide.



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