Our Social Responsibility

Together, Parker employees solve the world’s greatest engineering challenges, ranging from clean water access to the advancement of medical technology.

Our technologies, solutions and employees play a critical role in addressing issues that impact quality of life, both around the world and in the local communities we serve. Parker recognizes the strong connection between the health of our company and various economic, environmental and social factors. It’s why we focus our sustainability efforts on employee welfare, responsible use of resources and a social responsibility to the communities in which we operate.

Parker’s internal social responsibility starts with giving employees a range of unique options when it comes to choosing health care. Parker’s Wellness and Preventive Medicine Program offers employees expanded treatment choices such as preventive care and complementary therapies.

Externally, Parker is using its broad technology platform to protect the environment, a universal global concern, by helping to conserve finite resources. Parker products and technologies can be found in countless transportation applications and are raising the standard for efficient operation, helping to reduce emissions and improve air quality for everyone. In regards to fuel, Parker products are cleaning up the process at each step. We’re improving efficiency and reducing waste generated during extraction, reducing fuel use across countless vehicle applications, and decreasing harmful pollutants by improving combustion efficiency and emission filtration technology.

Parker recognizes the tremendous importance of safeguarding natural resources and the global environment. We remain committed to the health and safety of our employees, our communities and our customers.

Sustainability at Parker

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