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Oil and Gas

As a leading supplier of advanced sealing solutions to the global Oil and Gas industry, Parker draws on decades of experience in meeting the challenges of this demanding market. Oil and Gas customers of the Parker Engineered Materials Group benefit from extensive in-house expertise in compound development and seal design, manufacturing, application engineering, testing and service capabilities.

Parker offers a wide range of products for Oil and Gas applications including static, dynamic and rotary seals, FlexiSeals®, PolyPak® seals, S-seals and T-seals, metal seals, O-rings and U-rings, customized solutions such as long-life seals, large-diameter seals, moldings and machined seals, plus back-up (anti-extrusion) rings, PEEK elements, wiper and scraper rings, V-packing sets, bearing rings and packer elements. In line with its environmental commitment, Parker uses recyclable packaging for its products.

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • • Diversity of product range (sealing and non-sealing products such as clamps, protectors and
       Gimbal seals)

    • Extensive application, engineering and materials expertise

    • Compliance with international approvals and industry standards

    • Complete product traceability (e.g. laser marking)

    • Service capabilities: kitting/sub-assemblies, rapid prototyping

    • Computer-aided product development: Finite Elements Analysis (FEA) and verification through
       laboratory testing




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    Well Drilling

    Parker’s seals for well drilling are designed to cope with increasingly harsh environments of deeper drilling, such as high system pressures and temperature extremes. They deliver outstanding chemical compatibility and resistance against aggressive media while meeting expectations for longer service life.
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    Well Completion

    Like Parker’s seals for well drilling, seals for well completion meet the demands of increasingly harsher conditions due to deeper wells and diverse geographical areas while delivering extended service life.
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    Well Production / Well Service

    Parker’s Oil and Gas seals meet the challenging applications in well production and well service along with delivering extended service life. Compatibility of the seal compounds with modern well fluids is assured through continual material development, increasingly requiring evidence from test data to support seals working in applications.
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    Parker offers seals for midstream distribution resisting high and low temperature extremes and very high system pressures. The range includes seals with large diameters and enhanced deflection capabilities. Like all of Parker’s Oil & Gas solutions, seals for distribution of petroleum products are designed to deliver longer service life.
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    Sealing Compounds for Oil and Gas

    Parker Prädifa offers a wide variety of sealing materials resisting salt water, sour gas and steam.
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    Kitting Service

    The Parker Kitting Service offers you numerous benefits to simplify your purchasing process and warehouse logistics operations, reduce inventories and achieve significant cost savings.
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