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Jet Engines

The jet engines typically used in commercial civil aviation are classified into two main types: turbojets and turbofans. Whereas turbojet engines practically disappeared from modern civil aviation decades ago, having been replaced by the more efficient and low-noise turbofan systems, turboprop engines continue to be used particularly for short-haul service. Like the other two systems they are based on the principle of a gas turbine but, instead of a compressor or fan, drive a propeller.    


Jet engines are essentially comprised of the compressor, the combustion chamber and the turbine. Between the combustion chamber and the turbine very high temperatures and pressures occur which can be sealed only to a limited extent with conventional sealing materials. This is where metal seals, metallic connectors, sealing plates and fire seals from Parker are used.


For instance, due to their typical E shape with several windings, the metal seals deliver excellent sealing performance. The nickel alloys used in these seals make them suitable for a wide temperature range from -50 °C to maximum temperatures of up to approx. 900 °C.


The metallic connectors provide outstanding sealing of air ducts and are able to compensate for vibrations in the system as well.


Fabric-reinforced rubber elements are used as fire seals. The materials withstand the complex tests of the aircraft industry and, depending on the application, may be utilized directly within the flame zone without any significant functional impairment.


Parker Praedifa’s high-temperature-resistant metal seals enhance the efficiency of the engine and, as a result, are an important element for optimizing engine performance.


Metal seals can be used up to

• Service temperature: ≤ 950 °C / 1,740 °F

• Service pressure: ≤ 49,000 psi / ≤ 3,400 bar


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