The Parflex Difference

Parflex is a global leader in hose and tubing solutions for extreme applications. We build hoses that improve our customers’ bottom line by building components with longer life spans, that speed up installation and reduce warranty and service issues in the field.

Why Thermoplastic / Why Fluoropolymer

Learn more about the differences between a thermoplastic hose or tube and a fluoropolymer one, why a thermoplastic hose excels over a rubber hose and when temperature is a factor, why a fluoropolymer hose is needed. Visit Parker's "Why Thermoplastics" website and review the full package of advantages available when using thermoplastic and fluoroplastic hose and tubing.

Custom Solutions For Increased Performance

TOUGHJACKET™ hoses are the next generation in thermoplastic hose, offering 650x the abrasion resistance of standard rubber hose. Currently, the TOUGHJACKET series includes four hoses for fluid transfer applications and one for ultra high pressure (UHP) waterblast.
toughjacket thermoplastic hose
high pressure toughjacket hose
Parflex specializes in hose technology for extreme applications. Nothing is more extreme or harder on hoses than continual flexing along cable tracks.. Parflex offers more than 6 hoses designed to withstand different environments, pressures and placement on heavy duty forklifts and lift trucks. Whatever your problem, we probably already have the solution.
construction forklift hose
telehandler hose
Parflex formed hoses can drastically reduce assembly costs by speeding up installation times and reducing misalignments. Like formed hoses, bonded hoses can reduce maintenance calls. They improve the management of the hose and increase its overall strength. Bonded hoses are particularly beneficial in lift truck, hydraulic crane and aerial lift applications.
bonded thermoplastic hose
bonded hose
Parflex offers both high pressure and low pressure CNG hoses, providing customers the ability to meet their toughest requirements and to purchase the complete package from Parker. For on-vehicle and fuel dispensing, Parflex 5CNG Electrically Conductive Compressed Natural Gas Hose is a market leader. And weighing up to 30% less than rigid tubing, Parflex CNGRP Regulated Pressure Natural Gas Hose is used on-vehicle downstream of the pressure regulator. Although both hoses are CSA listed, CNGRP may be the only low pressure hose that meets ALL CSA requirements.
cng high pressure fuel hose
low pressure cng hose
Lubrication is more than simply an additive to a machine; it is an integral component of that machine and therefore, should be closely monitored to ensure it maintains its quality. Parflex compact 1/8” HLB grease line hoses save hundreds of dollars in operation waste by eliminating gallons of unnecessary “in-line” grease versus large bore rubber hose. HLB grease hose utilizes a panel mounted hose fitting with an integral zerk fitting port. Locknuts, zerk nipples, and caps can also be sub-assembled.
grease hose for hard to reach areas
remote grease line hose
Parflex Rapid Assembly Fittings are designed to be used with Parflex thermoplastic hoses that use 56 series fittings. Their quick connect design offers plug and play convenience in a very compact, economical system. The video shows the 685RA adapter being installed in the port of a valve or cylinder. The hose assembly, with the Rapid Assembly tube stub fitting, is stabbed into the adapter during assembly….simply push in, bottom out and pull back to ensure it is completely inserted. The fitting is now permanently attached.
rapid assembly fitting
rapid assembly fitting organized hoses

Thermoplastic Hose Highlights & Advances

New technology for low-temperature hydraulic systems in low and high-pressure applications.

Review the advantages and costs savings of using formed thermoplastic hose and thermally formed tubing.

Find out how Parflex engineers buld noise reducing features into thermoplastic hydraulic hoses.

Maintenance tips for over-the-sheave applications to help reduce industrial accidents caused by failed hoses.


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