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CNG Fuel Dispensing

Parker Fluid Control Division is committed to being environmentally conscious by developing valve products that comply with Government emission laws. 


This is just one reason our high flow, natural gas valves with hazardous class coils are in high demand for the fuel dispensing industry.



In an effort to decrease dependence on foreign oil, clean burning alternative fuels like CNG (compressed natural gas) have become an ideal solution for fuel dispensing. 


CNG is the preferred alternative, not only for its lower flammability characteristics, but also for its cost effectiveness.


Recognizing the ongoing need for alternative fuel dispensing solutions that are eco-friendly, Parker offers a high pressure, high flow CNG natural gas valve.


Our CNG valves are designed for low leakage and are ideal for integration into compressed natural gas fuel dispensing systems where precise dispensing is required.


Parker CNG natural gas valves are available in a wide pressure range of 0 to 4,500 PSI, with standard voltage options and the maximal allowed internal seat leakage for safe and reliable fuel dispensing solutions.


Parker’s years of extensive experience as a multi technology provider (from fittings and couplings to manifolds and hoses), saves you time and money by reducing the need for multiple suppliers. 


Learn more about our CNG valves and our complete CNG multi-product solutions.

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