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Fluid Control Division - Industrial Equipment

Industrial Equipment

Parker Fluid Control Division provides valve systems for a wide range of industrial applications.  We develop and engineer products for a variety of capabilities including factory automation, chemical processing, manufacturing production, commercial equipment, pulp and paper and food and beverage.



Our products provide solutions to improve productivity, increase flexibility, save energy and lower inventory stock. Parker FCD brings together the technology and experience required for continuous process applications across many industries that can we can easily customized to suit your specific applications.


Parker’s 2-way, 3-way and 4-way solenoid valves are an important part of Parker’s motion and fluid control offering. Our valve systems combine high performance and control with the flexibility to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of the industries we serve.


  • Directional flow control for instrumentation, valve actuation, cylinder control and dispensing
  • Precision designed electromechanical motion control automation systems
  • Pipe and direct mount double acting valve actuators designed for extreme low temperatures
  • Released shut-off and mixed fluid applications for mold injection applications
  • Application specific accessories include manifolds, timers, splice boxes and manual override options


From general purpose flow to industrial application specific, Parker’s ability to design, prototype, and manufacture will shorten your design cycle, improve production efficiency and simplify procurement procedures.

Fluid Control Division
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