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Globally, Parker serves more than 400,000 customers providing product and system solutions in more than 1,000 markets. Wherever there is a need to move, you can find our products. We have many years of professional experience in the areas of hydraulics, pneumatics, filtration, process control, aerospace, climate control and fluid and gas handling, electromechanics and sealing and shielding. A wide product portfolio and global reach allow us to cover all the needs of our customers.

Local needs

  • We are a global company in local markets. Our global dimension gives us the possibility of local focus exactly based on the requirements of local customers. With our global experience we can solve any customer problem in the local market. In the Czech and Slovak Republics, we apply our solutions primarily in the food industry, life science, transportation, focusing on mobile and industrial applications and handling of liquids and gases.

Industry solutions

  • GWO Water/Oil Cooler
  • PWO Water/Oil Cooler
  • SWO Water/Oil Cooler
  • QPM3 Gerotor Pump
GWO Water/Oil Cooler

Distribution network

  • Distribution network Parker
Distribution network Parker
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    Food & Beverage

    The technology of fine taste! In the food industry we clean, monitor and control the fluids in every phase of their processing. Our products and systems are developed to meet the requirements for increasing product yield, machine reliability and provide a high accuracy while maintaining the strictest hygiene requirements.
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    Life Sciences

    Precision in the first place! We help customers to be more accurate, reliable and cost effective. We have been working with manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical companies for more than 30 years.
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    Focus on savings! Our solution for the transport sector represents a wide-range comprehensive package from individual components to complete motion control systems for a number of market sectors including rail, bus and truck transportation.
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    Industrial Applications

    The optimum flow! We provide innovative components and systems to the customers worldwide. From improving automation lines to reducing downtime, our work helps OEMs and end users to increase productivity and profitability.
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    Mobile Applications

    Innovative solutions that put things into motion! We supply highway and off-highway markets with a range of technologies. Our hydraulic, electromechanical, filtration and pneumatic products help you save time, money, space and energy.
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