Parker has attracted some of the most driven and talented individuals from around the world, who form deep and meaningful relationships as they collaborate to improve their portion of the business.


Together, we can solve the world’s greatest engineering challenges. This is a responsibility we take seriously, and one that requires more than just the brightest engineers in the world. It takes talented and committed accountants, marketing and salespeople, supply chain managers, information technology specialists, human resource experts and manufacturing professionals. Join the Parker team and realize your future in solving the world’s greatest engineering challenges. We’re looking for inspired communicators, resourceful problem solvers, inquisitive thinkers and dedicated professionals who want to learn and grow with us.


The employees in Parker are considered the base of successful company strategy. Global workforce in Parker is fully competent – each idea counts and each role is significant. Parker is a large, supranational company organized in smaller, business units, where personal contributions from individual persons are welcome and rewarded. The basic values of Parker include the ‘winning culture’, excited people, valuable customers, and determined management. We believe that adhering to the principles will maintain our company in the leading position within the motion control area. In Parker we believe that the competent and result oriented organization is recognized for the involvement of talented people with various opinions from various backgrounds. In 50 countries worldwide our employees ethically provide value for our customer, shareholders, and society we live and work in. Our employees are the driving force of our success, it is important for us to sufficiently remunerate them in the form of the remuneration package which contains: Competitive salary Comprehensive benefit program significant also for the families of our employees Opportunities for education and development, helping the professional growth Work environment supporting the team work, innovations, and company responsibility.

Working at Parker

Our global success is based on a simple equation: an empowered workforce operating in a supportive environment fosters innovative ideas and solutions. We encourage our employees to pursue ideas, and more importantly, we listen to them. When we succeed, we recognize employees and team achievements and create exceptional opportunities for career growth with a global company. A career at Parker offers boundless potential for professional and personal growth. You will work alongside the brightest minds in the world, help develop innovative technology and products, and contribute to our company’s goal of solving the world’s greatest engineering challenges. A Parker employee makes a positive impact on the world, and in turn, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of our employees. We do this by establishing engaging and supportive work environments; investing in the health and wellness of our employees and their families; encouraging the continued education and skill development of our employees and teams; and offering exceptional advancement opportunities with a global company.

  • The Parker Difference

    Parker is the global leader in motion and control technologies, and we recognize that the contributions of our employees serve as the foundation of our success. We’re a different kind of company with an approach to career development that’s as innovative as our engineering solutions.

  • The Perfect Candidate

    Successful Parker employees come from a diverse range of backgrounds but share a common set of values and traits. Are you a good fit for Parker? Learn about the types of candidates and characteristics we seek when we hire our employees.

  • Our Social Responsibility

    Parker recognizes the strong connection between the health of our company and various economic, environmental and social factors. It’s why we focus our sustainable efforts on employee welfare, responsible use of resources and a social responsibility to the communities in which we operate.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Diversity is not just a part of our rich history or present culture, but a central aspect of our long-term goals and future plans. Diversity and inclusion are essential in creating a respectful workplace in which all employees are empowered, have the ability to grow and are recognized for their contributions.

  • Equal Opportunity

    Parker is an affirmative action/equal employment opportunity employer that extends its commitment beyond equal opportunity and nondiscriminatory practices to take positive steps to create an inclusive and empowered environment.

On Campus

Parker is aware that the foundation of effective collaboration in the future is investment in education and cooperation with graduates already at the time of their studies. Therefore Parker offers a variety of opportunities to help students bridge the gap between the class and the workplace, and provides graduates with the tools to build a meaningful and successful career. To fresh graduates offers the opportunity to expand their education and apply existing knowledge through a professional development program.
Parker summer interns gain valuable experience through hands-on training at various company locations.
Internships and Programs
Parker offers recent graduates the opportunity to expand their education and apply existing knowledge through a professional development program.
Development Programs
Parker Motion and Control Labs are bridging the gap between the classroom and workplace. Launched in 1993, Parker’s university lab program aims to enhance engineering education and introduce Parker technologies to students. The labs represent a way for Parker to take an active role in the education of young professionals, and signify the important partnership between Parker and partner universities. Selected schools provide excellent engineering programs in a variety of disciplines to prepare future engineers. Parker supports the labs with funds and equipment, and often sponsors scholarship programs for the students as well.
Parker Lab Schools