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Chomerics Division - Medical Therapy

Medical Therapy

Advances in medical therapy devices such as automated external defibrillators (AEDs) put life saving technologies in the hands of consumers. These devices are required to be small, low cost, and perform perfectly every time. The American Red Cross estimates there could be 50,000 lives saved each year if all Americans were within 4 minutes of an AED. But each device, be it an AED, ventilator, or dialysis equipment comes with its own set of EMI shielding and thermal management challenges, especially when small, lightweight, and portable features are desired. 


Chomerics Division - North America
77 Dragon Court
Woburn, MA 01888
United States
Ph: (1) 781-935-4850
Fax: (1) 781-933-4318

Chomerics Division - Europe
Unit 6, Century Point 
Halifax Road
High Wycombe
United Kingdom 
HP12 3SL 
Ph: +44 1494 455400 
Fax +44 1494 455466

Chomerics Division - Asia Pacific Headquarters (Shanghai)
280 Yunqiao Road 
Jin Qiao Export Processing Zone
Ph: +86 21 2899 5000 
Fax +86 21 2899 5146

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