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The amount of electronics content in cars continues to increase at a rapid rate to support a wide range of convenience, infotainment, safety functions and equipment. This brings a corresponding rise in shielding (EMI/RFI) and thermal management challenges. These challenges must be addressed by the automotive design engineer to ensure that electronics systems and modules work reliably in the harsh electrical environment that is typical of in-vehicle applications.

The emergence and growing popularity of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles has added further to the quantity and complexity of the electronic content and the challenges of managing heat and electrical noise.

Parker Chomerics offers the products, technical know-how, close customer support and supply chain capabilities to meet these challenges and deliver superior, reliable and cost-effective solutions. Explore a sample of our solutions below. 

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    Active Safety

    Parker Chomerics offers EMI and thermal solutions to your devices and systems that help keep a car under control and prevent an accident.
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    Engine Management & Power Train

    Engine management refers to an electrical system which receives signals from various sensors, makes calculations and sends output signals to carry out various functions and operations within and around the engine.
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    EV Powertrains

    EV power train systems require specific EMI shielding to integrate combustion components with new electric components such as electric motors, power electronics and high voltage energy storage.
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    Integrated Infotainment Systems

    Vehicle infotainment systems are highly integrated, powerful systems that allow the driver to take control of their vehicles. See how Parker Chomerics' suite of integrated displays, EMI shielding and thermal management products are up to the task.
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