Hydraulic Pump & Motor Expertise

Parker Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems Division has been designing pumps and transmissions for over 50 years to drive industry. We provide piston pumps, motors and power units that help our customers meet their industrial and mobile application needs.

Driving Engineering Forward

The engineering in our products may not be visible, but every day you experience the results of our work on virtually everything that moves.

Eco Green Equipment Tire Recycling Success Story

Learn how Parker and Eco Green Equipment collaborated on the hydraulic system for a mining tire recycling equipment. By Eco Green selecting Parker F12 hydraulic motors for the Eco Razor, the equipment has the capability, efficiency, and longevity to cut through the mining tires’ tough rubber layers on a consistent basis. Parker’s P1 Series 045 cc pump and PVplus Axial Piston Pump also rounded out the offering for this demanding industrial application.

Rayco Stump Cutter Success Story

Learn how Parker and Rayco collaborated on the design of a new stump cutter by recommending an alternative to a competitive closed-circuit pump and exceed performance targets. Results include an increased system efficiency by 10% over competitor test units, a 10% increase in cutter wheel torque output, and a 20% decrease in heat generation. 

Sugarcane Harvester Success Story

Learn how Parker’s Global Mobile Systems (GMS) redesigned a sugarcane harvester's hydraulic system to improve efficiency and reduce system complexity.  Results of the redesign include: increased power management, fuel savings, increased machine productivity, and lower system costs.

Construction Equipment Success Story

Learn how a next generation mobile pump, P1 M, increases construction equipment performance. The new P1 M Series was developed specifically for the OEM mobile application market and is more compact with its patented inlet design, which provides higher power density, best-in-class speed ratings and longer life expectancy. 

Selecting the Right Motor for Hydraulics

The selection of a motor for a hydraulic application can be complicated. The ideal in hydraulic system design is to match overall efficiencies to the application performance expectation. This Whitepaper will explain how to select between various hydraulic motors, namely: Gear, Vane, Piston and Radial Piston.

Gold Cup Hydrostatic Piston Pumps and Motors

Gold Cup piston pumps and motors set the bar for severe duty hydrostats, with design features that extend life, increase productivity, and reduce energy losses. Its robust barrel bearing design, hi-shock capabilities, precise controls, hi-flow ring checks, and auto regulating servo are just a few of the standard features that provide performance in this series up to 3600 rpm and 6000 psi (420 bar).

Designing for Shock

Hydraulics & Pneumatics, October 2010 - The ultimate goal for a shredding system is to reduce the source material-appliances, tires, concrete, etc. - to smaller particles for recycling. To transmit the kw-speed, high-torque power needed for these heavy-duty shredders, a gearbox could be used to reduce speed from an electric motor while multiplying torque.

Moving Millions with Hydraulics

Hydraulics & Pneumatics, July 2010 - How do you move fully loaded land oil rigs weighing up to 25 million lb? Very slowly and with hydraulics. Parker's T6CC vane pumps were chosen in Columbia's walking system drive due to their ability to tolerate contaminates and maintain high efficiency over their service life.

Evaluating Hydrostatic Transmissions

Fluid Power Journal, January 2011 - Hydrostatic transmission drives have long been recognized for for superior power transmission when variable output speed is required because they provide a fast response, maintain precise speed under varying loads, and allow infinitely variable speed control from zero to maximum.


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