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Accumulator and Cooler Division - Agriculture and Forestry

Agriculture and Forestry

The overall purpose of the global agriculture and forestry industries is to feed, clothe, and shelter our world, which has an ever-expanding population with shifting dietary needs and increased energy demands. To that end, ag and forestry equipment needs to deliver more than just a means to plant, nurture, and harvest crops and timber.

On the farm or in the forest, comfort and control are keys to productivity and profitability. Parker's Accumulators and Coolers provide superior operator comfort for improved working conditions and precise control for optimum machinery performance. With Parker on the inside, farmers and loggers get the consistent performance needed for maximum yields. Because of variances in performance demands, cooler and accumulators on agriculture and forestry equipment can often require customized solutions. No matter the location of your forestry or agriculture application, Parker is just around the corner due to our vast distribution network. The products manufactured by Parker's Accumulator and Cooler Division are supported by our global engineering and manufacturing facilities and the industry’s largest network of channel partners that provide local supply and support. From forestry to farming and earth moving equipment, Parker has products and solutions for improving performance, emissions and fuel economy.

Parker Hydraulic Accumulators for Agriculture and Forestry  

Accumulators Specifically Designed for Agriculture and Forestry

Companies within the agriculture and forestry industries face multiple challenges in today’s economic environment. Feeding an expanding global population, exceed material demands, and increase outputs with fewer resources while minimizing environmental impact are just some of them. These forces drive the need for agricultural and forestry innovation, such as precision farming and harsh forestry conditions, generate a demand for technologically advanced farming and forestry equipment. Accumulator manufacturers respond in turn with technology, offering innovative accumulators for hydraulic systems which boost productivity working in tandem with a more efficient, cleaner operating machine.

Parker Hydraulic Oil Coolers for Agricultural Machinery


Reliable Oil Coolers for Agricultural Machinery and Forestry

Heat kills hydraulic systems. That’s why hydraulic oil coolers with AC, DC and hydraulic motors, and such as Parker’s Industrial Coolers (Series AC) and Mobile Coolers (Series DC) are widely used in a diverse range of agricultural machinery components, tractors and other forestry applications. They remove excess heat generated by energy losses in a system, as well as that from external sources such as engines and surrounding environment.

In fact, coolers are often essential for designing temperature-optimized hydraulic systems that keep oil temperatures within a limited range. Such circuits are basic prerequisites for cost-efficient operation, as they provide a number of performance, economic, and environmental benefits.