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Hydraulic Accumulators and Oil Coolers Designed for Industrial Systems & Manufacturing

Both hydraulic oil coolers and accumulators are frequently utilized within industrial or manufacturing facilities. However, the features and benefits vary based on the wide-ranging parameters of any system. Parker’s industrial accumulators, oil coolers and hydraulic power units offer a reduction of production downtime, thereby increasing production and operating profits. Due to the reduced footprint, our coolers and accumulators enable a facility to maximize the use of manufacturing space. Our innovative design, for both coolers and accumulators, translates into less maintenance, reduced electricity consumption, and the ability to easily install these products due to their versatility no matter the system requirements for your industrial needs. Our accumulator product line includes our bladder style accumulator (BA Series), piston style accumulators (Series A and Series ACP) and reservoir isolators such as Parker’s KV Series KleenVent.

Parker BA Bladder Accumulators  

BA Series Accumulators

Parker's bladder style accumulator, BA Series, is a proven design which is ideal for industrial hydraulic systems, providing energy management solutions for many hydraulic system applications.  Offering a standard, globally certified bladder accumulator (ASME, PED(CE), CRN, and AS1210) is Parker’s approach at one accumulator design certified for most markets, geographies and applications. This new design meshes the very best of the Greer and Olaer brands.  As the global leader in motion control, Parker appreciates that our customers demand one product that is available and acceptable worldwide.

Parker Piston Accumulators  

Series A Piston Accumulators

As the world’s leading manufacturer of piston accumulators, Parker has the ability to combine high volume production and extensive manufacturing capabilities. Parker’s A Series hydraulic Piston Accumulators allows us to manufacture the standard line of piston accumulators as well as create highly unique and custom piston accumulators for the industrial market at competitive prices.

Piston accumulators provide the means of regulating and optimizing the performance of any hydraulic system. They are excellent for storing hydraulic energy under pressure, absorbing fluid shocks, and dampening pump pulsation and flow fluctuations. The simple cylindrical design of piston accumulators ensures dependable performance, maximum efficiency, and long service life.

Parker ACP Piston Accumulators  

Series ACP Piston Accumulators

Parker's patented ACP Series Crimped Piston Accumulators are an ideal alternative to diaphragms for industrial equipment, even in extreme conditions. Our Custom Series ACP piston accumulator offers custom options and envelope sizes that are typically not available with a diaphragm accumulator. This compact and economical design provides all the same advantages of a piston accumulator but available at a reduced lead time. Rated up to 5000 PSI with a design factor of 4:1 or greater, Parker’s ACP piston accumulators have been tested and proven at -40ºF/C or below.

Parker KleenVent Hydraulic Reservoir Tank  

Parker’s KV Series KleenVent

Fluid contamination can lead to high maintenance costs and downtime in hydraulic systems. Parker KleenVent® hydraulic reservoir isolator tanks provide protection against the ingestion of airborne contaminants – dust, chemicals, and water vapor – into your hydraulic system though the reservoirs breather-vent. Within all manufacturing facilities, contamination is a concern so by using an elastomer bladder as a lung, the changes in gas volume in a hydraulic system's reservoir can be trapped and prevented from mixing with the outside atmosphere. And unlike conventional breather-vent filters, KleenVent® reservoir isolators provide a positive separation without the possibility of clogging or need for maintenance