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Wind Power

Hydraulic Accumulators Specifically Designed for Wind Power Solutions 

When hydraulic accumulators of any type are mounted in the hub of the turbine, they are subjected to extreme forces and vibration due to the forces generated as the hub is turning. Also, when used in hydraulic pitch control for wind turbine, the accumulators are working 100% of the time while the hub is turning, adjusting the blades many times per minute.


Regardless of the technology used, these factors can lead to premature failure of components, if they have not been adequately designed and tested for these conditions. Furthermore, the accumulators can also be used to supply power for an emergency stop situation where the criticality of being available for use is high. Typical wind turbine applications include pitch systems, pitch gear box, shaft brake, yaw brake, and yaw hydraulic drive.


Parker Wind Power Bladder Accumulators  

Bladder Accumulators

Parker bladder accumulators regulate the performance of wind turbine applications by providing an additional volume of system fluid, or by controlling the shocks and oil surges of a system. Parker is the world's largest supplier of bladder accumulators. And, with the addition of the Olaer/Oil Air and Greer product lines, our bladder experience and expertise within the wind power industry goes back over 100 years.

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Parker Wind Power Piston Accumulators  

Piston Accumulators

Piston accumulators are the optimal choice when fluid energy storage, hydraulic shock absorption, auxiliary power, or supplemental pump flow is required, which is typical within the wind power industry. Parker’s piston accumulators are customizable by size and oil pressure, piston accumulators can be uniquely designed to fit your needs. The simple cylindrical design of piston accumulators ensures dependable performance, maximum efficiency, and long service life.

Reliable Oil Coolers for Wind Power


We are a trusted partner for coolers to some of the world’s leading producers of hydraulic power units. We believe that this is due to our “best in class” product range, that has been developed over many years for industrial applications.


We have also built up a wealth of experience supplying coolers within the gearbox hydraulic circuit. This is a demanding application due to the high viscosity and flow rates that are required for the cooler to withstand. Whether the purchasing decision is made by the wind turbine manufacturer or the producer of the gearbox, we have the tools at our disposal to be your ideal development partner. Cooling of the generator and electrical cabinet are other fields of application. Our wind turbine applications include turbine oil coolers, power units and gear boxes.


Parker Air Oil Coolers for Wind Power  

Air Oil Coolers

Parker’s portfolio of air oil coolers and radiators includes product with AC, DC, and hydraulic motors and such as Parker’s Industrial Oil Coolers (Series AC) and Mobile Hydraulic Oil Coolers (Series DC). In addition to standard, single fluid coolers, we work with you to design and manufacture custom oil coolers for multi-fluid solutions for the mobile market. Our bar and plate construction is more efficient, compact, and durable than traditional tube and fin offerings offered to the wind power industry.