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Harsh weather conditions, high levels of airborne particulate, salt ingress…just some of the challenges faced by gas turbine operators in the oil & gas industry.

Often sited in remote locations such as jungles, deserts, offshore platforms and FPSOs, gas turbines used in the oil & gas industry typically encounter extremely challenging operating environments. High levels of small particulate in the form of sand, dust and shot-debris from drilling, salt aerosols in offshore and coastal locations, and harsh weather conditions all threaten the performance and health of a gas turbine. In addition, particularly in offshore locations, severe space and height limitations pose further challenges to efficient operation.

Today’s operators require high availability and low downtime rates from their turbines. However, in the oil and gas industry the environment can threaten the trouble-free operation of a gas turbine. Due to the very large quantities of air that turbines require for operation, airborne contaminants can pose a significant challenge to the ongoing health of these precision pieces of rotating equipment.

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